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Changes for version 0.4.13
* Change LICENSE to Artistic License 2.0
* Start with a test suite
Changes for version 0.4.12
* Make languages/lisp compile again, as it was broken due to changes in Parrot
Changes for version 0.1.2
* Added basic macro support
* Added a basic DEFUN macro
* Added support for loading a file off the command line (based on a patch
from Leo)
* Speed ups in checking list lengths (courtesy Leo)
* Rewrote Lisp functions to use DEFUN
Changes for version 0.1.1
* Added BOUNDP function
* Added COPY-TREE function
* Added IDENTITY function
* Added ACONS function
* Added ZEROP function
* Added an EXPORT function stub
* Added an IN-PACKAGE function stub
* Split related functions out into separate files in lisp/
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