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+# Mole - The M0 Overlay Language
+This repo contains the beginnings of Mole, a new Parrot language which is being
+designed to generate the very low-level M0 langauge.
+# What is important about Mole?
+Mole is the future of Parrot. The point of Mole is to provide a medium-level
+language which will be comfortable for Parrot developers to code in. In the
+future, instead of writing Parrot internals in C, Mole will be used, which will
+be compiled down to M0 and then M0 bytecode. This will allow the amount of C
+that is in Parrot to greatly contract, which means crossing language barriers
+will be much less common and thus allow many optimization techniques to be
+# Why?
+M0 is extremely low-level, and was never intended to be written by humans
+except during the bootstrapping phase. M0 was created because Parrot wants to
+implement an efficient JIT compiler, which is currently not possible do to the
+way Parrot internals (all the C code) are implemented.
+M0 consists of roughtly 40 opcodes from which the rest of Parrot can be built
+from. Currently Parrot has over 1000 opcodes (due to supporting various
+combinations of argument types), which basically precludes the possiblity of
+implementing an efficient and maintainable JIT.
+# What does Mole look like yet?
+We don't yet know. It is currently in the design phase.
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+# Mole TODO
+These TODO items should be made Github Issues.
* assess lucian's proposal in
* finish reading on how Go's references and arrays work -
* look at lucian's ffi concept

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