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README - Readme for the conversion of '' to github pages.


This README sets out the reason for the relocation of Parrot's documentation, which ordinarily resides on '', to Github pages. The basic idea is to make editing of the documentation more readily accessible. That is, with these pages now up on github, folks can more easily fix or, alternatively, provide pull requests to correct any errors in the documentation.

So, everyone, feel free to contribute!


As a rule, the Parrot team does not use the markdown format in Parrot's repositories. We use pod. We have made an exception in this instance because of a conflict between our 'README.pod' file and the contents of this readme, and because github renders markdown before all other formats. This allows us to display this page, rather than the contents of 'README.pod'.


Copyright (C) 2011-2012, Parrot Foundation.

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