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# ex: set ro: -*- buffer-read-only:t -*-
# Generated by Parrot::Configure::Compiler from config/gen/makefiles/
# Copyright (C) 2001-2014, Parrot Foundation.
# Setup of some commands
PERL = /usr/local/bin/cperl5.22.2-nt
CHMOD = chmod
MKPATH = mkdir -p
TOUCH = touch
RM_F = rm -f
RM_RF = rm -rf
PERLDOC = /usr/local/bin/perldoc
POD2MAN = /usr/local/bin/pod2man
VERSION = 7.11.0
PODEXTRACT = $(PERL) ../tools/build/
ADDGENERATED = $(PERL) ../tools/build/
OPS_SUMMARY = ../tools/docs/
# long list of .pod files
POD = ops/bit.pod ops/cmp.pod ops/core.pod ops/experimental.pod ops/io.pod ops/math.pod ops/object.pod ops/pmc.pod ops/set.pod ops/string.pod ops/sys.pod ops/var.pod
MAN_1 = binaries/parrot.1 \
binaries/parrotbug.1 \
binaries/parrot_config.1 \
binaries/parrot_nci_thunk_gen.1 \
binaries/parrot-nqp.1 \
binaries/parrot-ops2c.1 \
binaries/parrot-prove.1 \
binaries/pbc_disassemble.1 \
binaries/pbc_dump.1 \
binaries/pbc_merge.1 \
binaries/pbc_to_exe.1 \
binaries/plumage.1 \
.SUFFIXES : .pod .1
# Targets
# The default target
all: doc-prep packfile-c.pod $(POD) ops/index.pod man
# This is a listing of all targets, that are meant to be called by users
# Most of them are proxied in the root makefile parrot/Makefile
help :
@echo ""
@echo "Following targets are available to the user:"
@echo ""
@echo "all: Generate documentation from .pod files or from the sources."
@echo " This is the default target."
@echo ""
@echo "man: Generate man files (not on windows)"
@echo "htmlhelp: generate a .chm file (windows only)."
@echo "htmlhelp-clean: Remove generated .chm"
@echo ""
@echo "pdf: Generate a PDF from the html docs"
@echo "pdf-clean: Remove generated pdf"
@echo ""
@echo "clean: Remove the generated documentation."
@echo ""
$(POD): doc-prep
$(MKPATH) ops
$(TOUCH) doc-prep
packfile-c.pod: ../src/packfile/api.c
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/packfile/api.c packfile-c.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
.pod.1 : # suffix rule (limited support)
$(POD2MAN) $< > $@
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[main]" man
ops/index.pod : $(POD) $(OPS_SUMMARY)
$(PERL) $(OPS_SUMMARY) > ops/index.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
binaries/pbc_disassemble.1 : ../frontend/pbc_disassemble/main.c
$(POD2MAN) ../frontend/pbc_disassemble/main.c > $@
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[main]" man
binaries/pbc_dump.1 : ../frontend/pbc_dump/main.c
$(POD2MAN) ../frontend/pbc_dump/main.c > $@
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[main]" man
binaries/pbc_merge.1 : ../frontend/pbc_merge/main.c
$(POD2MAN) ../frontend/pbc_merge/main.c > $@
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[main]" man
man: man.good
man.good: $(MAN_1)
@echo "pod2man is required, but not detected."
$(RM_F) $(MAN_1)
clean: man-clean html-clean pdf-clean htmlhelp-clean
$(RM_F) packfile-c.pod $(POD) doc-prep
$(RM_RF) ops
$(PERL) -I../lib ../tools/docs/ --version=$(VERSION)
$(RM_RF) html
# If you are missing the command 'pdflatex' then you have first to install a
# LaTeX distribution with it. For Windows and UNIX downloads are for example
# available from:, or
pdf: ../tools/docs/
$(MKPATH) build/modified_pod
$(PERL) ../tools/docs/
cd build && pdflatex parrot-book.tex && pdflatex parrot-book.tex
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/build/parrot-book.pdf" "[main]" doc
#pdf-release: build/parrot-book.pdf
# cp build/parrot-book.pdf build/parrot-book-$$(date +"%Y.%m").pdf
$(RM_RF) build
htmlhelp: html
# the following part of the Makefile was built by 'config/auto/'
ops/bit.pod: ../src/ops/bit.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/bit.ops ops/bit.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/bit.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/cmp.pod: ../src/ops/cmp.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/cmp.ops ops/cmp.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/cmp.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/core.pod: ../src/ops/core.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/core.ops ops/core.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/core.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/experimental.pod: ../src/ops/experimental.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/experimental.ops ops/experimental.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/experimental.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/io.pod: ../src/ops/io.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/io.ops ops/io.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/io.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/math.pod: ../src/ops/math.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/math.ops ops/math.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/math.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/object.pod: ../src/ops/object.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/object.ops ops/object.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/object.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/pmc.pod: ../src/ops/pmc.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/pmc.ops ops/pmc.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/pmc.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/set.pod: ../src/ops/set.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/set.ops ops/set.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/set.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/string.pod: ../src/ops/string.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/string.ops ops/string.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/string.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/sys.pod: ../src/ops/sys.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/sys.ops ops/sys.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/sys.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
ops/var.pod: ../src/ops/var.ops
$(PODEXTRACT) ../src/ops/var.ops ops/var.pod
$(CHMOD) 0644 ops/var.pod
$(ADDGENERATED) "docs/$@" "[doc]"
# Local variables:
# mode: makefile
# End:
# vim: ft=make: