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docs/deprecations/deprecations.pod - Parrot Deprecations


This page exists to systematically document all deprecations that apply to core Parrot code.

We don't hate our users and while we love ripping out crufty old code, we also don't want anyone developing code on top of Parrot to dread paying the "upgrade tax" when moving from one supported version to the next.

The idea behind this page is that by following the instructions for each version transition, developers of HLLs and libraries can have a well-known and deterministic upgrade path.

Any new deprecations must be described on the appropriate page and summarized here before being committed to master. This deprecation policy will be instituted shortly before the 2.6 release.

Although we will attempt to add notices for previous version transitions, these lists may be incomplete.

Notifications for the 2.6->2.9 transition and later will be complete.

For instructions on how to deprecate Parrot code, please see: how_to_deprecate.pod.

Changes Between 7.0 and 7.3

  • All exported functions without the Parrot_, PDB_, imcc_, mem_ prefixes are already marked as deprecated and will be removed.
        dynop_register                => Parrot_dynop_register
        new_runloop_jump_point        => Parrot_runloop_new_jump_point
        free_runloop_jump_point       => Parrot_runloop_free_jump_point
        parrot_split_path_ext         => Parrot_split_path_ext
        print_pbc_location            => Parrot_print_pbc_location
        clone_interpreter             => Parrot_interp_clone

    PackFile_ functions are renamed to Parrot_pf_.

        Parrot_switch_to_cs           => Parrot_pf_switch_to_cs
        Parrot_fixup_subs             => Parrot_pf_fixup_subs
        PackFile_new                  => Parrot_pf_new
        PackFile_destroy              => Parrot_pf_destroy
        PackFile_pack                 => Parrot_pf_pack
        PackFile_pack_size            => Parrot_pf_pack_size
        Parrot_new_debug_seg          => Parrot_pf_new_debug_segment
        Parrot_debug_add_mapping      => Parrot_pf_debug_add_mapping
        Parrot_debug_pc_to_filename   => Parrot_pf_debug_pc_to_filename
        PackFile_Annotations_add_entry => Parrot_pf_annotations_add_entry
        PackFile_Annotations_lookup   => Parrot_pf_annotations_lookup
        PackFile_ConstTable_rlookup_* => Parrot_pf_ConstTable_rlookup_*
        PackFile_ConstTable_pack*     => Parrot_pf_ConstTable_pack*
        PackFile_Segment_new_seg      => Parrot_pf_new_segment
        PackFile_Segment_destroy      => Parrot_pf_destroy_segment
        PackFile_Segment_dump         => Parrot_pf_dump_segment
        PackFile_add_segment          => Parrot_pf_add_segment
        PackFile_find_segment         => Parrot_pf_find_segment
        PackFile_map_segments         => Parrot_pf_map_segments

    All other deprecated PackFile_ functions will be removed from the API:

    PackFile_funcs_register, do_sub_pragmas, PackFile_Annotations_new, PackFile_Annotations_destroy, PackFile_Annotations_packed_size, PackFile_Annotations_pack, PackFile_Annotations_unpack, PackFile_Annotations_dump PackFile_ConstTable_unpack, PackFile_ConstTable_dump, PackFile_ConstTable_dump_pmc, PackFile_Constant_dump_str

Changes Between 4.9 and 5.0

  • Moved "." in the library search paths from the beginning to the end.

    - high impact expected: build systems need to change their build and tests to favor their new libraries over already installed ones, to use absolute paths or add -L./ -X./. load_bytecode, .include and load_language might load now different files, if they exist in "./" AND in the proper library location. To keep the old behavior use parrot -L./ -X./ or set the environment variables PARROT_INCLUDE and PARROT_LIBRARY to "./"

Changes Between 3.3 and 3.6

  • Special Purpose NCI Parameter Types

    - moderate impact expected: some NCI-using code needs to be rewritten

Changes Between 3.0 and 3.3

  • pkg-config Support

    - low impact expected: feature has been unusable since at least 1.0

Changes Between 2.9 and 3.0

This list is a summary. A more complete description and migration path for each change is at deprecations_3_0.pod.

Any deprecations occurring after the 2.9.0 release require an accompanying notice here and deprecations_3_0.pod, so the list should be exhaustive.

If you find a deprecation that should be listed here, file a ticket or hop on #parrot on and let us know.


    - low impact expected: no-op removal

  • CodeString. TT #1633

    - high impact expected: PGE interface changed. user updates required.

  • unique_reg PIR flag. TT #1622

    - low impact expected: equivalent functionality available by text substitution.

  • PIRspecialforms .nci_call and .meth_call. TT #1623 TT #1624

    - low impact expected: no known users.

  • Indirect Register Access Ops. TT #1642

    - low impact expected: no known users.

  • Exchange Op. TT #1643

    - low impact expected: no known users.

  • PIR string literals with charset and encoding are deprecated. TT #1808

    - medium impact expected: the conversion is straightforward.

  • Remaining string_* functions are deprecated. TT #1809

    - medium impact expected: these functions have been deprecated for a while.

  • Method lower in String PMC. TT #1606

    - low impact expected: has been deprecated for a while.

  • Final removal of mutable strings leftovers. TT #1540.

    - Op concat_s_s was removed. Trivial change to concat_s_s_s or slightly better solution to refactor with StringBuilder.

Changes Between 2.6 and 2.9

This list is a summary. A more complete description and migration path for each change is at deprecations_2_9.pod.

If you find a deprecation that should be listed here, file a ticket or hop on #parrot on and let us know.

  • Remove charset opcodes. TT #1778

    - low impact expected: the conversion to encoding opcodes is straightforward.

  • Remove ParrotPCCINVOKE.

    - negligible impact expected: this function has been deprecated for a long time.

  • Remove Parrot_find_global_s and Parrot_store_global_s TT #1660

    - low impact expected: these functions were used rarely outside Parrot.

  • Change find_lex opcode behaviour.

    - low impact expected: this function has been deprecated for awhile.

  • Eliminate Raw NCI.

    - negligible impact expected: this functionality has little use that doesn't result in a segfault

  • Remove Parrot_get_runtime_prefix. TT #1191

    - Zero impact expected, it's been unused since long time.

  • RemoveIsTty Remove is_tty methods. #1689

    - negligible impact expected.

Changes Between 2.3 and 2.6

This list is a summary. A more complete description and migration path for each change is at deprecations_2_6.pod.

  • Remove sizeof op.

    No replacement currently exists. TT #633

    - negligible impact expected: this op was not widely used

  • Replace STRING_is_null with Parrot_str_is_null TT #1585

    - moderate impact expected: simple textual substitution for C code dealing with STRING* values

  • Remove in-place substr op variants. TT #1450

    - high impact expected: most PIR code dealing with string substitution will need to be updated

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