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Added-in this '' file because the present 'README.pod' file …

…is, now, the README for the 'docs/' directory, which is as it *should* be; unfortunately, this 'README.pod' blows away, as in overwrites, the old, more general 'README.pod', which had nothing to do with the contents of the 'docs/' directory, but was more of a welcoming to the '' repository. Hopefully -- even though I am, as a rule, against the use of *.md files in the repository -- this will allows us to keep both the 'README.pod' file to the 'docs/' directory and the more general, welcome to the '' repository. We'll see....
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+# README - Readme file for the conversion of '' to github pages.
+This README sets out the reason for the relocation of Parrot's documentation,
+which ordinarily resides on '', to [Github
+pages]( The basic idea is to make editing of the
+documentation more readily accessible. That is, with these pages now up on
+github, folks can more easily fix or, alternatively, provide pull requests to
+correct any errors in the documentation.
+So, everyone, feel free to contribute!
+Copyright (C) 2011-2012, Parrot Foundation.

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