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Copyright (C) 2001-2003, The Perl Foundation.
=head1 NAME
src/pmc/retcontinuation.pmc - Return Continuation
C<RetContinuation> extends C<Continuation>.
A return continuation is a one shot Continuation, it gets recycled
immediately after invocation.
=head2 Methods
=over 4
#include "parrot/parrot.h"
#include "parrot/oplib/ops.h"
pmclass RetContinuation extends Continuation need_ext {
=item C<void init()>
Initializes the continuation.
void init() {
PMC_struct_val(SELF) = new_ret_continuation(INTERP);
PMC_pmc_val(SELF) = NULL;
* XXX when reusing SUPER.destroy() RetContinuations
* have to set ref_count initially to 1
void destroy() {
struct Parrot_cont * cc = PMC_cont(SELF);
if (cc) {
PMC_struct_val(SELF) = NULL;
=item C<PMC* clone>
Return a new Continuation PMC with the context of SELF. Note: the
returned object is not a RetContinuation and creating a real
Continuation invalidates all RetContinuation all the way up the call
chain that is, these can't be recycled, they get persistent until
the GC gets at them.
PMC* clone() {
invalidate_retc_context(INTERP, SELF);
return SUPER();
=item C<opcode_t *invoke(void *next)>
Transfers control to the calling context, and frees the current context.
opcode_t* invoke(void* next) {
struct Parrot_cont * cc = PMC_cont(SELF);
parrot_context_t *from_ctx = cc->from_ctx;
struct PackFile_ByteCode * const seg = cc->seg;
next = SUPER(next);
Parrot_free_context(INTERP, from_ctx, 1);
#ifdef NDEBUG
/* the continuation is dead - delete and destroy it */
struct Arenas *arena_base = interp->arena_base;
struct Small_Object_Pool *pool, *ext_pool =
ext_pool->add_free_object(interp, ext_pool,
PObj_flags_SETTO((PObj *)SELF, PObj_on_free_list_FLAG);
pool = arena_base->pmc_pool;
pool->add_free_object(interp, pool, SELF);
pool->num_free_objects ++;
cc->from_ctx = NULL;
* the to_ctx is marked in Continuation.mark
* NULLify it or turn off the custom_mark bit
cc->to_ctx = NULL;
if (INTERP->code != seg) {
Parrot_switch_to_cs(INTERP, seg, 1);
return next;
=head1 HISTORY
Initial revision by sean 2002/08/04.
* Local variables:
* c-file-style: "parrot"
* End:
* vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4:
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