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# $Id$
The directory 'examples' provides examples of proper,
and sometimes hillarious, programs for Parrot.
Most of these examples are tested by test scripts in 't/examples'.
benchmarks - Contains benchmarks. Run them with 'make benchmark_tests'
c - Examples in C
compilers - Examples for parrot compilers
io - Examples how PIR and PASM programs talk with the world
japh - Say 'Just another Parrot hacker' in various ways
library - Examples on how to use PIR libraries
mops - Million ops per second
nci - Native call interface
pasm - Examples in Parrot Assembler, PASM
past - Examples of PAST, Parrot Abstract Syntax Tree, see pdd26_ast
pge - Parrot grammar engine
pir - Examples in Parrot Intermediate Representation, PIR
sdl - SDL
shootout - PIR for the great computer languages shootout at
streams - Examples for the streams library
subs - calling subroutines in PIR and PASM
tge - usage of TGE, see compilers/tge
tutorial - a PIR tutorial
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