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This example shows the usage of C<Stream::Filter>.
Filter streams are used to alter and/or filter strings read
from another stream. The strings are passed to a filter sub
that will return the altered string, or null if the string should
be filtered out.
=over 4
=item _main
Creates a counter stream that generates numbers from 0 to 9.
.sub _main :main
.local pmc stream
.local pmc filter
load_bytecode 'Stream/Sub.pbc'
load_bytecode 'Stream/Filter.pbc'
# create the counter stream
stream = new ['Stream'; 'Sub']
# assign its source
.const 'Sub' temp = "_counter"
assign stream, temp
# create the filter stream
filter = new ['Stream'; 'Filter']
# assign its source
assign filter, stream
# set the filter sub
.const 'Sub' temp = "_filter"
filter."filter"( temp )
# dump the stream
=item _counter
This sub is the source of the counter stream.
It generates numbers from 0 to 9 in string form.
.sub _counter
.param pmc stream
.local string str
.local int i
i = 0
str = i
stream."write"( str )
inc i
if i < 10 goto LOOP
=item _filter
This sub is the source of the filter stream.
It doubles the read number and appends it together with " * 2 = " to the string.
It also filters the value 4 out, which will be missing in the output.
.sub _filter
.param string str
.local string tmp
.local int i
i = str
# skip 4 * 2
if i == 4 goto SKIP
mul i, 2
set tmp, i
str = concat str, " * 2 = "
str = concat str, tmp
null str
=head1 AUTHOR
Jens Rieks E<lt>parrot at jensbeimsurfen dot deE<gt> is the author
and maintainer.
Please send patches and suggestions to the Perl 6 Internals mailing list.
Copyright (C) 2004-2010, Parrot Foundation.
# Local Variables:
# mode: pir
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=pir:
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