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# Begin generated code
.namespace [ ]
.sub '__PARROT_ENTRY_MAIN__args' :subid('WSubId_8') :anon
.param pmc __ARG_1
.const 'Sub' WSubId_1 = "WSubId_1"
.const 'Sub' WSubId_2 = "WSubId_2"
.const 'Sub' WSubId_3 = "WSubId_3"
.const 'Sub' WSubId_4 = "WSubId_4"
.const 'Sub' WSubId_5 = "WSubId_5"
.const 'Sub' WSubId_6 = "WSubId_6"
.const 'Sub' WSubId_7 = "WSubId_7"
null $S1
shift $S1, __ARG_1
null $S2
null $I1
null $S3
null $P1
null $S4
null $I2
__label_3: # while
elements $I3, __ARG_1
le $I3, 0, __label_2
$S5 = __ARG_1[0]
if $S5 == "-o" goto __label_6
if $S5 == "-c" goto __label_7
if $S5 == "-r" goto __label_8
if $S5 == "-E" goto __label_9
if $S5 == "--runtime-prefix" goto __label_10
if $S5 == "-V" goto __label_11
if $S5 == "-h" goto __label_12
goto __label_4
__label_6: # case
shift $S4, __ARG_1
shift $S3, __ARG_1
goto __label_5 # break
__label_7: # case
shift $S4, __ARG_1
set $I1, 3
goto __label_5 # break
__label_8: # case
shift $S4, __ARG_1
set $I2, 2
goto __label_5 # break
__label_9: # case
shift $S4, __ARG_1
set $I2, 1
goto __label_5 # break
__label_10: # case
__label_11: # case
__label_12: # case
__label_4: # default
set $S2, $S5
goto __label_1 # goto done_args
__label_5: # switch end
goto __label_3
__label_2: # endwhile
__label_1: # label done_args
isnull $I3, $S2
if $I3 goto __label_14
iseq $I3, $S2, ""
unless $I3 goto __label_13
WSubId_4("Missing program name")
__label_13: # endif
ne $I2, 1, __label_15
compreg $P3, "PIR"
exit 0
__label_15: # endif
if $I1 goto __label_16
$P3 = WSubId_5($S2)
set $I1, $P3
if $I1 goto __label_17
concat $S7, "Invalid file type ", $S2
__label_17: # endif
__label_16: # endif
ne $I2, 2, __label_18
$P3 = WSubId_6($S2)
null $S6
if_null $P3, __label_19
set $S6, $P3
compreg $P3, "PIR"
$P1 = $P3.'compile_file'($S2)
new $P1, [ 'PackfileView' ]
__label_18: # endif
unless_null $P1, __label_20
$P1 = WSubId_7($S2, $I1)
__label_20: # endif
if_null $S3, __label_21
exit 0
__label_21: # endif
$P3 = $P1.'subs_by_tag'("init")
if_null $P3, __label_23
iter $P4, $P3
set $P4, 0
__label_22: # for iteration
unless $P4 goto __label_23
shift $P2, $P4
goto __label_22
__label_23: # endfor
.end # __PARROT_ENTRY_MAIN__args
.sub '__PARROT_ENTRY_MAIN__' :anon :main
.param pmc __ARG_1
.const 'Sub' WSubId_8 = "WSubId_8"
.const 'Sub' WSubId_9 = "WSubId_9"
new $P4, 'ExceptionHandler'
set_label $P4, __label_1
push_eh $P4
$P1 = WSubId_8(__ARG_1)
$P2 = $P1.'main_sub'()
.tailcall $P2(__ARG_1)
goto __label_2
finalize $P3
.sub '__default_get_packfile' :subid('WSubId_7') :anon
.param string __ARG_1
.param int __ARG_2
if __ARG_2 == 2 goto __label_3
if __ARG_2 == 1 goto __label_4
if __ARG_2 == 3 goto __label_5
goto __label_1
__label_3: # case
compreg $P1, "PIR"
$P2 = $P1.'compile_file'(__ARG_1)
__label_4: # case
compreg $P3, "PASM"
.tailcall $P3.'compile_file'(__ARG_1)
__label_5: # case
new $P4, [ 'PackfileView' ]
__label_1: # default
null $P5
__label_2: # switch end
.end # __default_get_packfile
.sub '__get_input_file_type' :subid('WSubId_5') :anon
.param string __ARG_1
length $I2, __ARG_1
sub $I1, $I2, 4
lt $I1, 0, __label_2
substr $S1, __ARG_1, $I1
goto __label_1
set $S1, ''
ne $S1, ".pir", __label_3
__label_3: # endif
ne $S1, ".pbc", __label_4
__label_4: # endif
le $I1, 0, __label_5
sub $I2, $I1, 1
substr $S1, __ARG_1, $I2
ne $S1, ".pasm", __label_6
__label_6: # endif
__label_5: # endif
.end # __get_input_file_type
.sub '__handle_error_and_exit' :subid('WSubId_9') :anon
.param pmc __ARG_1
getattribute $P4, __ARG_1, 'severity'
set $I1, $P4
ne $I1, 6, __label_1
getattribute $P4, __ARG_1, 'exit_code'
set $I4, $P4
exit $I4
__label_1: # endif
getstderr $P1
getattribute $P4, __ARG_1, 'message'
null $S1
if_null $P4, __label_2
set $S1, $P4
isnull $I4, $S1
if $I4 goto __label_4
iseq $I4, $S1, ""
unless $I4 goto __label_3
set $S1, "No exception handler and no message"
__label_3: # endif
root_new $P4, ['parrot';'ResizablePMCArray']
assign $P4, 1
$P4[0] = $S1
sprintf $S5, "%s\n", $P4
set $S2, ""
$P2 = __ARG_1.'backtrace_strings'()
elements $I4, $P2
sub $I2, $I4, 1
__label_7: # for condition
lt $I2, 0, __label_6
$S3 = $P2[$I2]
split $P3, "\n", $S3
if_null $P3, __label_9
iter $P5, $P3
set $P5, 0
__label_8: # for iteration
unless $P5 goto __label_9
shift $S4, $P5
index $I4, $S4, "__PARROT_ENTRY_MAIN__"
eq $I4, -1, __label_10
goto __label_8 # continue
__label_10: # endif
root_new $P4, ['parrot';'ResizablePMCArray']
assign $P4, 2
$P4[0] = $S2
$P4[1] = $S4
sprintf $S5, "%s%s", $P4
set $S2, "\n"
goto __label_8
__label_9: # endfor
set $S2, "\nthrown from\n"
__label_5: # for iteration
dec $I2
goto __label_7
__label_6: # for end
getattribute $P4, __ARG_1, 'exit_code'
set $I3, $P4
if $I3 goto __label_11
set $I3, 1
__label_11: # endif
exit $I3
.end # __handle_error_and_exit
.sub '__show_runtime_prefix_and_exit' :subid('WSubId_1') :anon
null $S1
interpinfo $S1, 23
say $S1
exit 0
.end # __show_runtime_prefix_and_exit
.sub '__show_version_and_exit' :subid('WSubId_2') :anon
getinterp $P3
$P1 = $P3[8]
set $S1, "This is Parrot version %s%s built for %s-%s\nCopyright (C) 2001-2011, Parrot Foundation.\n\nThis code is distributed under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.\nFor more details, see the full text of the license in the LICENSE file\nincluded in the Parrot source tree\n"
root_new $P3, ['parrot';'ResizablePMCArray']
assign $P3, 4
$P4 = $P1["VERSION"]
$P3[0] = $P4
$P5 = $P1["DEVEL"]
$P3[1] = $P5
$P6 = $P1["cpuarch"]
$P3[2] = $P6
$P7 = $P1["platform"]
$P3[3] = $P7
sprintf $S2, $S1, $P3
box $P2, $S2
say $P2
exit 0
.end # __show_version_and_exit
.sub '__show_help_and_exit' :subid('WSubId_3') :anon
set $S1, "parrot [Options] <file> [<program options...>]\n Options:\n -h --help\n -V --version\n -I --include add path to include search\n -L --library add path to library search\n --hash-seed F00F specify hex value to use as hash seed\n -X --dynext add path to dynamic extension search\n <Run core options>\n -R --runcore slow|bounds|fast|subprof\n -R --runcore trace|profiling|gcdebug\n -t --trace [flags]\n <VM options>\n -D --parrot-debug[=HEXFLAGS]\n --help-debug\n -w --warnings\n -G --no-gc\n -g --gc ms2|gms|ms|inf set GC type\n <GC MS2 options>\n --gc-dynamic-threshold=percentage maximum memory wasted by GC\n --gc-min-threshold=KB\n <GC GMS options>\n --gc-nursery-size=percent of sysmem size of gen0 (default 2)\n --gc-debug\n --leak-test|--destroy-at-end\n -. --wait Read a keystroke before starting\n --runtime-prefix\n <Compiler options>\n -d --imcc-debug[=HEXFLAGS]\n -v --verbose\n -E --pre-process-only\n -o --output=FILE\n --output-pbc\n -O --optimize[=LEVEL]\n -a --pasm\n -c --pbc\n -r --run-pbc\n -y --yydebug\n <Language options>\nsee docs/running.pod for more\n"
say $S1
exit 0
.end # __show_help_and_exit
.sub '__get_temporary_output_file' :subid('WSubId_6') :anon
.param string __ARG_1
concat $S1, __ARG_1, ".pbc"
.end # __get_temporary_output_file
.sub '__usage_and_exit' :subid('WSubId_4') :anon
.param string __ARG_1 :optional
.param int __ARG_2 :opt_flag
getstderr $P1
unless __ARG_2 goto __label_1
concat $S1, __ARG_1, "\n"
__label_1: # endif
$P1.'print'("parrot -[acEGhrtvVwy.] [-d [FLAGS]] [-D [FLAGS]] ")
$P1.'print'("[-O [level]] [-[LIX] path] [-R runcore] [-o FILE] <file> <args>\n")
exit 1
.end # __usage_and_exit
# End generated code
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