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# Copyright (C) 2005-2007, Parrot Foundation.
This directory contains the Parrot test suite.
For details on how tests are written see the documentation
in '../docs/tests.pod'.
For status of the testing effort, see 'TESTS.STATUS.pod' in this directory.
The script 'harness' actually runs the test suite.
Below is a list of subdirs along with a short description
of what is tested in there.
benchmark: Run benchmarks.
codingstd: Conventions and guidelines for Parrot source code.
compilers: Mini languages distributed with Parrot.
configure: Perl modules of configuration subsystem.
distro: Tests run before a distribution is released.
doc: Completeness and sanity of the documentation.
dynoplibs: Dynamic opcode libraries.
dynpmc: Dynamic PMCs.
examples: Check whether the examples are still working.
library: Parrot modules.
manifest: Functionality supporting the creation of MANIFEST
and related files.
native_pbc: Parrot Byte Code.
oo: Object oriented features of Parrot.
op: Try to cover all core operators.
perl: Test Perl 5 modules used for configuration, building
and testing of Parrot.
pharness: Functionality supporting Parrot's test harnesses.
pmc: Try to cover all builtin PMCs.
postconfigure: Tests of configuration system which cannot be run until
configuration has completed.
run: Mostly command line options of the 'parrot' executable.
src: Tests written in C.
steps: Steps in the Parrot configuration process.
stress: Stress testing. Make Parrot sweat.
tools: Executables and script besides 'parrot'. Tools for development.
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