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# Copyright: 2001-2003 The Perl Foundation. All Rights Reserved.
# $Id$
=head1 NAME
Parrot::Docs::POD2HTML - Parrot POD to HTML formatter
use Parrot::Docs::POD2HTML;
C<Pod::Simple::HTML> subclass.
=head2 Methods
package Parrot::Docs::POD2HTML;
use strict;
use Pod::Simple::HTML;
@Parrot::Docs::POD2HTML::ISA = qw(Pod::Simple::HTML);
# This is just here to keep Pod::Simple::HTML's version_tag_comment() happy.
$Parrot::Docs::POD2HTML::VERSION = '1.0';
=item C<do_beginning()>
Reimplements the C<Pod::Simple::HTML> method to add a header to the start
of the document.
sub do_beginning
my $self = shift;
# We have to do this because it has the side effect of setting
# content_seen.
return unless $self->content_seen;
# Suppress the warning in the tests.
$self->{RESOURCES_URL} = '' unless $self->{RESOURCES_URL};
$self->{NAV_BAR} = '' unless $self->{NAV_BAR};
my $title = $self->{'Title'};
# It's not nice that the header and footer are duplicated
# in section. Should we have two classes for them?
print {$self->{'output_fh'}}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="$self->{RESOURCES_URL}/perl-styles.css"
type="text/css" />
<a name="_top"></a>
<table width=100%>
<td align="LEFT" valign="TOP">
<td align="RIGHT">
<img src="$self->{RESOURCES_URL}/parrot.small.png">
<div class="pod">
return 1;
=item C<do_end()>
Reimplements the C<Pod::Simple::HTML> method to add a footer to the end
of the document.
sub do_end
my $self = shift;
print {$self->{'output_fh'}} <<"FOOTER";
return 1;
=item C<html_for_file($file)>
Returns the HTML for the specified file.
sub html_for_file
my $self = shift;
my $file = shift;
my $string = "";
# Give the code sections equal space top and bottom.
$string =~ s|</pre>|\n\n</pre>|gs;
# Tidy up the C reference *s.
$string =~ s|\s\*\s+\b| \*|gs;
# Add the up arrows.
$string =~ s|</h(\d)| <a href="#_top"><img alt="^" border=0 src="$self->{RESOURCES_URL}/up.gif"></a></h$1|gs;
# Make the list items bold. This is for function listings.
$string =~ s|<dt>|<dt><b>|gs;
$string =~ s|</dt>|</b></dt>|gs;
# Unlinked URLs. We should not be having to do this here.
$string =~ s|(http://[^\s<)]+)|<a href="$1">$1</a>|gs;
# And I really don't want to do this here.
# my ($see_also) = $string =~ m|(<h1><a name="SEE_ALSO".*?<p>.*?</p>)|s;
# if ( $see_also )
# {
# my $original = $see_also;
# ...
# $string =~ s|$original|$see_also|s;
# }
return $string;
=item C<write_html($source, $target, $rel_path, $item)>
Writes an HTML version of the file specified by C<$rel_path> in
C<$source> to the equivalent location in C<$target>.
sub write_html
my $self = shift;
my $source = shift;
my $target = shift;
my $rel_path = shift;
my $item = shift;
my $file = $source->file_with_relative_path($rel_path);
return unless $file->contains_pod;
# Use our own method for consistency.
$self->{'Title'} = $file->short_description;
$rel_path = $self->append_html_suffix($rel_path);
my $docs_file = $target->file_with_relative_path($rel_path);
$rel_path = $docs_file->parent->relative_path($target->parent_path);
my $name = $target->name;
# This is a cheat because we know that all top-level sections
# have their indexes in the root directory - but it works.
$self->{NAV_BAR} = $item->html_navigation("$rel_path/$name");
$self->{RESOURCES_URL} = "$rel_path/resources";
=item C<append_html_suffix($path)>
Returns C<$path> with and HTML file suffix added.
sub append_html_suffix
my $self = shift;
my $path = shift;
return $path . '.html';
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