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# Copyright (C) 2007, The Perl Foundation.
# $Id$
This is a list of project roles, with a partial list of the folks who have
taken responsibility for them. This does not list all the people with
SVN commit access, just those who have a role they've taken responsibility
See docs/roles_responsibilities.pod for role definitions, and
languages/LANGUAGES.STATUS.pod for more language authors/maintainers.
Project Team
Architect Allison Randal
Pumpking Chip Salzenberg
Release Manager Jerry Gay
Patrick Michaud
Matt Diephouse
Will Coleda
Allison Randal
Metacommitter Allison Randal
Chip Salzenberg
Jerry Gay
Jesse Vincent
Core Developer Leopold Toetsch (incl. JIT x86, ppc)
Jonathan Worthington (bytecode format/loader)
Compiler Developer Leopold Toetsch (IMCC)
Vishal Soni (BCG, IMCC)
Patrick Michaud (PGE, PAST-pm, TGE)
Allison Randal (TGE)
High Level Language Developer Patrick Michaud (Perl 6)
Matt Diephouse (Tcl)
Will Coleda (Tcl)
Francois Perrad (Lua)
Bernhard Schmalhofer (Plumhead (PHP))
Kevin Tew (Cardinal (Ruby))
Build Manager Joshua Hoblitt
Lead Tester Jerry Gay
Platform Porter Florian Ragwitz (Debian)
Aldo Calpini (PocketPC)
Francois Perrad (MinGW32)
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