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#! perl -w
# Create Kate syntax highlighting XML file for IMCC
# Language: Parrot IMCC
# Maintainer: Andy Bussey <>
# Last change: 2003 Aug 19
my $parrot = $ARGV[0];
if ($parrot eq '-h') {
print "\n\n",
"Create Kate syntax highlighting file for Parrot IMCC.\n",
"Supply the path to your Parrot directory as the only\n",
"argument. The XML file will be written to the standard\n",
$parrot =~ s/\/$//;
my @imcc_oplike = qw(.sym .arg prototyped non_prototyped .class
.endclass .param inc dec new defined addr global clone saveall
my @imcc_spdirec = qw(.pcc_call .result .return .local .const .globalconst
end goto if unless call branch jump jsr ret invoke invokecc throw
rethrow die_hard .emit .eom .sub .end .pcc_begin
.pcc_end .pcc_sub .pcc_begin_return .pcc_end_return .pcc_begin_yield
.pcc_end_yield .namespace .endnamespace .macro .include);
my @pod_start = qw(head[1-6] over back item for begin end pod);
my $pod_start_rx = join '|', @pod_start;
my @imcc_basic_types = qw(int float string);
my $parrot_pmcsh_file = "include/parrot/core_pmcs.h";
my $date = localtime(time);
opendir PARROT, "$parrot" or die "Supply Parrot directory as argument!";
my @ops_files = map { "$parrot/$_"} grep /\.ops$/, readdir PARROT;
closedir PARROT;
print <<END;
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE language SYSTEM "language.dtd">
<!-- Created automatically by $date -->
<language name="IMCC" version="0.2" kateversion="2.0" section="Sources" extensions="*.imc;*.pasm" mimetype="">
<list name="special_directives">
my %ops;
for my $dir (@imcc_spdirec) {
$dir =~ s/\.//g;
print " <item>$dir</item>\n";
$ops{$dir} = 1;
print <<END;
<list name="ops">
for my $ops_file (@ops_files) {
open OPS, "<$ops_file" or die "Can't read $ops_file!";
while (<OPS>) {
next unless (/^(inline\s+)?op\s+([a-zA-Z]\w*)/);
my $op = $2;
$op =~ s/\.//g;
next if ($ops{$op});
print " <item>$op</item>\n";
$ops{$op} = 1;
for my $op (@imcc_oplike) {
$op =~ s/\.//g;
next if ($ops{$op});
print " <item>$op</item>\n";
$ops{$op} = 1;
print <<END;
<list name="types">
my %types;
for my $type (@imcc_basic_types) {
$type =~ s/\./\&046;/g;
next if ($types{$type});
print " <item>$type</item>\n";
$types{$type} = 1;
open TYPES, "<$parrot/$parrot_pmcsh_file" or
die "Can't read $parrot/$parrot_pmcsh_file!";
while (<TYPES>) {
next unless (/^\s+enum_class_(\w+)\,/);
my $type = $1;
$type =~ s/\./\&046;/g;
print " <item>$type</item>\n";
$types{$type} = 1;
print <<END;
<context name="default" attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay">
<RegExpr attribute="Label" context="#stay" String="[_\\w]+\\:" />
<keyword attribute="Op" context="#stay" String="ops" />
<keyword attribute="Special Directive" context="#stay" String="special_directives" />
<keyword attribute="Type" context="#stay" String="types" />
<RegExpr attribute="Comment" context="#stay" String="#.*\$" />
<RegExpr attribute="Comment" context="pod" String="^\\=($pod_start_rx).*" />
<HlCOct attribute="Octal" context="#stay" />
<HlCHex attribute="Hex" context="#stay" />
<Float attribute="Float" context="#stay" />
<Int attribute="Int" context="#stay" />
print <<END;
<RegExpr attribute="Register" context="#stay" String="[INSP](\\d|[12]\\d|3[01])" />
<RegExpr attribute="TempRegister" context="#stay" String="\\\$[INSP]\\d+" />
<RegExpr attribute="String" context="string" String="'" />
<RegExpr attribute="String Interp" context="string_interp" String="&quot;" />
<RegExpr attribute="Identifier" context="#stay" String="[a-zA-Z_][\\w_]*" />
print <<END;
<context name="pod" attribute="Comment" lineEndContext="#stay">
<LineContinue attribute="Comment" context="#stay" />
<RegExpr attribute="Comment" context="#stay" String="[^\=]*" />
<RegExpr attribute="Comment" context="#pop" String="^\\=cut\\s*\$" />
print <<END;
<context name="string" attribute="String" lineEndContext="#pop">
<RegExpr attribute="String" context="#stay" String="'" />
print <<END;
<context name="string_interp" attribute="String Interp" lineEndContext="#pop">
<HlCStringChar attribute="SpChar" context="#stay" />
<RegExpr attribute="String Interp" context="#pop" String="&quot;" />
print <<END;
<itemData name="Normal Text" defStyleNum="dsNormal" />
<itemData name="Op" defStyleNum="dsNormal" color="#000080" selColor="#ffffff" bold="0" italic="0" />
<itemData name="Special Directive" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" />
<itemData name="Type" defStyleNum="dsDataType" />
<itemData name="Comment" defStyleNum="dsComment" />
<itemData name="Octal" defStyleNum="dsBaseN" />
<itemData name="Hex" defStyleNum="dsBaseN" />
<itemData name="Float" defStyleNum="dsFloat" />
<itemData name="Int" defStyleNum="dsDecVal" />
<itemData name="Label" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" />
<itemData name="Register" defStyleNum="dsDecVal" />
<itemData name="TempRegister" defStyleNum="dsDecVal" />
<itemData name="String" defStyleNum="dsString" color="#FF6C6C" selColor="#FF6C6C" bold="0" italic="0" />
<itemData name="String Interp" defStyleNum="dsString" />
<itemData name="Identifier" defStyleNum="dsDataType" color="#C00000" selColor="#C00000" bold="0" italic="0" />
<itemData name="SpChar" defStyleNum="dsChar" />
print <<END;
<comment name="singleLine" start="#" />
<keywords casesensitive="1" />
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