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Deprecation in Parrot

This is a list of currently deprecated features of Parrot. Every deprecation has an associated RT ticket. Each item indicates the last release it's guaranteed to appear in. Items marked with a release of ??? are still deprecated, but a firm deadline for their removal has not yet been established.

When deprecated items are removed, all usage of the feature in the repository should be updated or removed; including documentation.

PMC syntax

  • METHOD [post 0.5.2]

    The current METHOD syntax will be deleted and the current PCCMETHOD syntax will replace it under the name METHOD. See RT #48565.

  • PCCINVOKE [post 0.5.2]

    The syntax for passing named arguments to PCCINVOKE will change from :named['key'] to :named('key') to better match PDD 3. See RT #42292.

vtable entries

  • get_attr [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48583.

  • set_attr [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48585.

  • type_keyed [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48577.

  • type_keyed_int [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48579.

  • type_keyed_str [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48581.

  • get_bool_keyed [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48571.

  • get_bool_keyed_int [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48573.

  • get_bool_keyed_str [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48575.

  • type [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48567.

  • subtype [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48569.

  • new_from_string [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #47011.

  • class_type [post 0.5.1]

    See RT #48142.

  • pmc_namespace [post 0.5.1]

    See RT# 48144. Replaced by get_namespace.

  • DYNSELF [post 0.5.2]

    Replaced by SELF. (Old behavior of SELF changes to STATICSELF.)


  • getattribute_p_p_i, setattribute_p_p_i [post 0.5.1]

    See RT # 48729. These were already deprecated, but not fully removed.

  • classoffset [post 0.5.1]

    See RT # 48727. This was already deprecated, but not fully removed.

  • pioctl [post 0.5.1]

    See RT #48589.

  • store_global [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #48016. Replace usage with set_[hll,root]_global variants.

  • find_global [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #48018. Replace usage with get_[hll,root]_global variants.

  • new(out PMC, in INT, in STR) [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #47011.

  • instantiate [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #48022.

  • getclass [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #47972. Future use should use the get_class opcode.

  • get_mro [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #47976.

  • getfd [post 0.5.1]

    See RT #48310.

  • pmcinfo [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #42375.

Class Features

  • Integer Type IDs [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #48024. Instead of $P0 = new Integer or <$P0 = new .Integer>, use the following syntax, which works for both PMCs and objects.

      $P0 = new 'Integer'
  • PMC union struct [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #48014. This will be removed once all core PMCs have been updated.


  • Keyed access to exception attributes [post 0.5.1]

    See RT #48012. Attributes on exception objects will no longer be accessible by integer or string key, use getattribute and setattribute instead.

PIR syntax

  • <.namespace <identifier >> syntax [post 0.5.1]

    See RT #48737.

  • Use of :: in identifiers [post 0.5.1]

    See RT #48735.

  • .namespace [ "a" .. "b" ] [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #4671.

  • vtable name .constants and __vtable overrides [post 0.5.2]

    See RT #48877.

  • Assignment syntax with opcodes [post ???]

    See RT #36283. When the first argument of an opcode is OUT, then the assignment syntax will be allowed, as it is today.

    In any other case (i.e. INOUT, IN), this will become a syntax error. For example:

        $S0 = print
        $P0 = substr 1, 2, "x"

    Will have to be:

        print $S0
        substr $P0, 1, 2, "x"

Parrot Compiler tools

  • pgc.pir [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #48026. The pgc.pir compiler for P6 grammars (pre-2007 regex syntax) is deprecated. Switch to using the new PGE::Perl6Grammar.pir compiler instead, and the Perl6Regex syntax.

  • PGE::P6Regex [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #48028. In early 2007 there were a number of changes made to the Perl 6 regular expression syntax (as given by Synopsis 5). The new syntax is implemented via the PGE::Perl6Regex compiler, and the PGE::P6Regex compiler is now deprecated in favor of the new syntax.

  • compilers/PAST-pm [post 0.5.1]

    See RT #48030. The compiler tools in compilers/PAST-pm/ and runtime/parrot/library/Parrot/HLLCompiler.pir are deprecated in favor of the new versions in the Parrot Compiler Toolkit ( compilers/pct/ ). In particular, the PAST representation in PCT follows the specification given by pdd26 .


  • 'v' NCI arg signature [post 0.5.1]

    See RT #48733. (Been removed for some time; nice warning is going away)

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