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Deprecation in Parrot

This is a list of currently deprecated features of Parrot. Every deprecation has an associated RT or TT ticket. Each item indicates the last release it's guaranteed to appear in.

When deprecated items are removed, all usage of the feature in the repository should be updated or removed, including documentation.

When deprecating opcodes, in addition to the ticket, be sure to mark the opcode with the :deprecated flag; this will allow users to enable deprecation warnings selectively with:

 .include 'include/warnings.pasm'

And then receive runtime warnings if they are using any deprecated opcodes. The -w command line option for parrot can also be used to enable all warnings. You can use make warnings_tests to run the standard test suite with this option.

Command line options

  • Remove individual runcore command line flags...

    See RT #46503.


  • Rakudo Perl moves to its own repository [post 0.9.0]

    Rakudo Perl (languages/perl6) will be moving to its own repository shortly after the 0.9.0 release. The new location is yet to be determined. See TT #267.


  • pointer [post 0.9.0] (TT #187)
  • closure [post 0.9.0] (TT #188)
  • random [post 0.9.0] (TT #189)
  • ref [post 0.9.0] (TT #190)
  • tqueue [post 0.9.0] (TT #192)

Class Features

  • PMC union struct [post 0.5.0]

    See RT #48014. This will be removed once all core PMCs have been updated.

  • :anon and :vtable named parameters to add_method [post 0.8.2]

    If you want to override a vtable method/function when building a Class, then use the method add_vtable_override instead of calling add_method with one or both of these flags.

    See TT #158

PIR syntax

  • Assignment syntax with opcodes [post 0.8.2]

    See RT #36283. When the first argument of an opcode is OUT, then the assignment syntax will be allowed, as it is today.

    In any other case (i.e. INOUT, IN), this will become a syntax error. For example:

        $S0 = print
        $P0 = substr 1, 2, "x"

    Will have to be:

        print $S0
        substr $P0, 1, 2, "x"
  • named class/pmc lookup in pir syntax such as new, isa, subclass, get_class, etc [post 0.9.0]

    Class PMC name resolution will be the following.

    if the arg is a STRING Relative to the current Namespace

    if the arg is a ResizableStringArray Relative to the current HLL Namespace

    if the arg is a Namespace or Class PMC The passed in class or the class attatched to the passed in namespace.

    See TT #159

  • .HLL_map

    Languages should use this instead:

      $P0 = getinterp
      $P0.'hll_map'(TypeA, TypeB)

    See TT #314


Old-style MMD functions [post 0.7.1]


See RT #60626.

string_repeat [post 0.9.1]

Use Parrot_str_repeat instead (TT #210)

src/pic.c and src/pic_jit.c [post 0.8.1]

These two files were a thin prototype implementation of Polymorphic Inline Caching that only ever applied to 4 opcodes, one of which has now been removed. The files (and all functions in them) are deprecated, and will be removed. See RT #60048.

Subs marked with :vtable/:method aren't in namespace [post 0.8.2]

Subs marked with :vtable or :method flags are no longer given a namespace entry by default. Use the :nsentry flag to cause this to happen. See RT #60586 and RT #53302.

Parrot_readbc, Parrot_loadbc. [post 0.8.1]

They have been renamed to Parrot_pbc_read, Parrot_pbc_load. Parrot_pbc_read has one third int argument. See TT #266.

Compiler tools

P6protoobject stringification [post 0.9.0]

Stringification of protoobjects will return the full name of the type and parentheses, per Synopsis 12. See TT #168

standard library

Data::Escape [post 0.9.0]

Replace usage with the escape opcode. See TT #107

File::Spec [post 0.9.1]

See TT #109

tools/build/ and tools/build/ [post 0.9.1]

Replaced with makefiles. See TT #338.


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