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Deprecation in Parrot

Please see docs/project/support_policy.pod for the parrot project's policy regarding deprecated features.

This is a list of currently deprecated features of Parrot. Every deprecation has an associated Trac ticket [1]. Each item indicates the first release in which it is eligible for removal. If the release listed is one that has already occurred, this feature may be removed at any time.

Following the 1.0 release, whenever deprecated items are removed, information regarding how to cope with the removal will be added to

When running parrot, you can receive warnings about deprecated opcodes. Either run parrot with the -w option to enable all warnings, or specifically by including this PIR code:

 .include 'include/warnings.pasm'


Always build with core PMC set (remove config option) [eligible in 1.1]


pointer [eligible in 1.1]

random [eligible in 1.1]

ref [eligible in 1.1]

slice [eligible in 1.1]

bound_nci [eligible in 1.1]

moved to dynpmc [eligible in 1.1]

AddrRegistry, CodeString, Env, Eval, File, OS, PCCMETHOD_Test, StringHandle, and Timer.

multiple dispatch within core PMCs [eligible in 1.1]


moved to dynop [eligible in 1.1]

Parts or all of: bit.ops, debug.ops, io.ops, math.ops, obscure.ops, set.ops (the obscure and rarely used parts), sys.ops.

experimental ops [eligible in 1.1]


myops & dan ops [eligible in 1.1]


packfile structure [eligible in 1.1]

opcode numbering [eligible in 1.1]

PMC numbering [eligible in 1.1]

Class Features

PMC union struct [eligible in 1.1]

This will be removed once all core PMCs have been updated.

:anon and :vtable named parameters to add_method [eligible in 1.1]

If you want to override a vtable method/function when building a Class, then use the method add_vtable_override instead of calling add_method with one or both of these flags.

PIR syntax

Assignment syntax with opcodes [eligible in 1.1]

When the first argument of an opcode is OUT, then the assignment syntax will be allowed, as it is today.

In any other case (i.e. INOUT, IN), this will become a syntax error. For example:

    $S0 = print
    $P0 = substr 1, 2, "x"

Will have to be:

    print $S0
    substr $P0, 1, 2, "x"

named class/pmc lookup in pir syntax such as new, isa, subclass, get_class, etc [eligible in 1.1]

Class PMC name resolution will be the following.

if the arg is a STRING Relative to the current Namespace

if the arg is a Array (of any sort) or Key Relative to the current HLL Namespace

if the arg is a Namespace or Class PMC The passed in class or the class attatched to the passed in namespace.

.HLL_map [eligible in 1.1]

Languages should use this instead:

  $P0 = getinterp
  $P0.'hll_map'(TypeA, TypeB)


mmd_cvt_to_types [eligible in 1.1]

src/pic.c and src/pic_jit.c [eligible in 1.1]

These two files were a thin prototype implementation of Polymorphic Inline Caching that only ever applied to 4 opcodes, one of which has now been removed. The files (and all functions in them) are deprecated, and will be removed.

Subs marked with :vtable/:method aren't in namespace [eligible in 1.1]

Subs marked with :vtable or :method flags are no longer given a namespace entry by default. Use the :nsentry flag to cause this to happen.

Parrot_readbc, Parrot_loadbc. [eligible in 1.1]

They have been renamed to Parrot_pbc_read, Parrot_pbc_load. Parrot_pbc_read has one third int argument.

C API coding standards cleanup [eligible in 1.1]

All C API functions that aren't currently named according to the 'Parrot_<system>_*' scheme will be renamed. If you depend on these functions in an extending/embedding interface or C-level custom PMCs, check in 1.4 or 2.0 for the new names.

src/hash.c API cleanup [eligible in 1.1]

The following functions will be changed to return a Hash* instead of taking a Hash** as an argument:

  • parrot_new_hash_x
  • parrot_new_cstring_hash
  • parrot_new_pointer_hash

Parrot_new_INTVAL_hash will also be rewritten to return a Hash* and will be renamed to parrot_new_intval_hash for consistency with other similar functions.

Parrot_add_library_path [eligible in 1.1]

Will be renamed to Parrot_lib_add_path_from_cstring.

Compiler tools


P6protoobject stringification [eligible in 1.1]

Stringification of protoobjects will return the full name of the type and parentheses, per Synopsis 12.

Parrot Grammar Engine

Deprecated rules and methods [eligible in 1.1]

The following "built-in" PGE rules and methods are from previous versions of Synopsis 5.

Deprecated rules: null, fail, sp, lt, gt, dot

Deprecated methods: .text, .item, .result_object

Stringification, numification [eligible in 1.1]

PGE::Match objects will stringify or numify based on the text that is matched, not the result object.

Parrot Compiler Toolkit

PCT::HLLCompiler stages [eligible in 1.1]

The interface of various methods for adding, removing, and modifying the list stages in a PCT::HLLCompiler object is subject to change. The existing actual stages will remain; only the mechanism for specifying the order of individual stages is likely to change.

PCT::HLLCompiler from Perl 5's Test::Harness [eligible in 1.1]

In order to facilitate using PCT::HLLCompiler with test harnesses, the command_line method of PCT::HLLCompiler object exits silently if it detects that it is being run in a sample run from Perl's Test::Harness. Currently this detection is done by checking the second command line argument for "@INC"; future releases may use a different detection mechanism or eliminate it altogether.

Not Quite Perl (NQP)

$(...) syntax [eligible in 1.5]

The $(...) syntax for obtaining a result object from a Match object will no longer work. The new syntax is yet to be determined.

build tools

tools/build/ and tools/build/ [eligible in 1.1]

Replaced with makefiles.


  1. Trac is parrot's primary issue tracking system.

    Older tickets may be listed at RT.

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