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# This file shows the history of incompatible changes to
# Parrot that invalidated existing PBC (Parrot Byte Code) files.
# The latest version number of the bytecode format in this file
# is used by Parrot to version the bytecode files it writes and
# is able to read. In the future, Parrot should be able to read
# and/or write older bytecode versions too.
# Currently known actions that should be entered here
# (and invalidate PBC are):
# - deleting/changing/inserting existing ops in ops.num
# - changing operands of existing ops
# - adding/deleting/renaming a PMC to classes
# - changes in the packfile format itself
# - changes to any PMCs that are frozen into the .pbc like
# ParrotInterpreter (HLL_info), Subs and more
# - other core changes that invalidate byte code :)
# After changing PBC_COMPAT either disable t/native_pbc tests or
# better, if you have an i386 box at hand, regenerate the PBCs
# with tools/dev/mk_native_pbc and commit the changes
# TODO TT #361: all .pbc files should make-depend on PBC_COMPAT
# Also, if you're removing an opcode, be sure to run "make opsrenumber"
# please insert tab separated entries at the top of the list
5.3 2009.10.23 bacek add CallSignatureReturns
5.2 2009.09.16 darbelo remove pic.ops
5.2 2009.08.06 dukeleto remove Random PMC
5.1 2009.08.06 cotto remove branch_cs opcode
5.0 2009.07.21 cotto released 1.4.0
4.0 2009.03.17 allison released 1.0.0
3.0 2007.07.23 jonathan implementing new PBC header format
2.0 2005.11.22 leo changed PBC format (HLL_info)
1.0 2005.10.15 jonathan changed debug segment format
0.1 2003.10.21 leo start this file
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