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## XXX does not cover .includes of core .pasm files
NQP_STAGE0_DIR = ext/nqp-rx/src/stage0
$(LIBRARY_DIR)/Regex.pbc: $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/Regex-s0.pir $(PARROT)
$(PARROT) -o $@ $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/Regex-s0.pir
@$(ADDGENERATED) "$@" "[main]"
$(PARROT) -o $@ $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/HLL-s0.pir
@$(ADDGENERATED) "$@" "[main]"
$(LIBRARY_DIR)/P6Regex.pbc: $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/P6Regex-s0.pir $(PARROT)
$(PARROT) -o $@ $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/P6Regex-s0.pir
@$(ADDGENERATED) "$@" "[main]"
$(LIBRARY_DIR)/nqp-rx.pbc: $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/NQP-s0.pir $(PARROT)
$(PARROT) -o $@ $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/NQP-s0.pir
@$(ADDGENERATED) "$@" "[nqp]"
## eventually nqp should be able to generate .pbc files directly
$(LIBRARY_DIR)/nqp-setting.pbc: $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/nqp-setting.nqp $(LIBRARY_DIR)/nqp-rx.pbc $(NQPRX_LIB_PBCS)
$(PARROT) $(LIBRARY_DIR)/nqp-rx.pbc --target=pir -o $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/nqp-setting.pir $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/nqp-setting.nqp
$(PARROT) -o $@ $(NQP_STAGE0_DIR)/nqp-setting.pir
@$(ADDGENERATED) "$@" "[nqp]"
## TT #1398 - pbc_to_exe cannot generate a specified target file
parrot-nqp.pbc : $(LIBRARY_DIR)/nqp-rx.pbc
$(CP) $(LIBRARY_DIR)/nqp-rx.pbc $@
$(NQP_RX) : $(NQPRX_LIB_PBCS) $(PBC_TO_EXE) parrot-nqp.pbc
$(PBC_TO_EXE) parrot-nqp.pbc
$(INSTALLABLENQP) : $(NQPRX_LIB_PBCS) src/install_config$(O) $(PBC_TO_EXE) parrot-nqp.pbc
$(PBC_TO_EXE) parrot-nqp.pbc --install
@$(ADDGENERATED) "$@" "[main]" bin
# Local variables:
# mode: makefile
# End:
# vim: ft=make:
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