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This is a snapshot of winxed compiler and driver.
The pir files are generated from the winxed repository, copied here,
and compiled to pbc during the parrot build.
Winxed web site:
How to update the snapshot:
- Download and build the winxed release wanted.
- Execute 'make preinstall' to generate the pir files used.
- Copy pir/winxed_compiler.pir and pir/winxed_installed.pir from
the winxed build tree to compiler.pir and driver.pir in this
How to choose and tag the release used:
Releases are tagged like this: RELEASE_1_0_0
To tag a new release switch to the appropriate branch, like version_1_0,
verify is updated with the appropriate changes and the pir generated files
are also updated, an tag it. Don't forget to push the tag to origin.
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