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# Copyright (C) 2006-2010, Parrot Foundation.
=head1 NAME
t/op/sprintf.t -- sprintf tests
% prove t/op/sprintf.t
These tests are based on C<sprintf> tests from perl 5.9.4.
Tests C<sprintf>, excluding handling of 64-bit integers or long
doubles (if supported), of machine-specific short and long
integers, machine-specific floating point exceptions (infinity,
not-a-number, etc.), of the effects of locale, and of features
specific to multi-byte characters (under the utf8 pragma and such).
Individual tests are stored in the F<sprintf_tests> file in the same
directory; There is one test per line. In each test, there are three
required fields:
=over 4
=item * printf template
=item * data to be formatted (as a parrot expression)
=item * expected result of formatting
Optional fields contain a comment.
Each field is separated by one or more tabs. If formatting requires more than
one data item (for example, if variable field widths are used), the Parrot
data expression should return a reference to an array having the requisite
number of elements. Even so, subterfuge is sometimes required:
see tests for C<%n> and C<%p>.
=head1 XXX: FIXME: TODO:
Tests that are expected to fail on a certain OS can be marked as such
by trailing the comment with a C<skip:> section. Skips are tags separated
by space consisting of a C<$^O> optionally trailed with C<:osvers>. In the
latter case, all os-levels below that are expected to fail. A special
tag C<all> is allowed for todo tests that should fail on any system.
%G 1234567e96 1.23457E+102 exponent too big skip: os390
%.0f -0.1 -0 C library bug: no minus skip: VMS
%d 4 1 4 != 1 skip: all
.const int TESTS = 308
#.loadlib 'sys_ops'
#.loadlib 'io_ops'
.sub main :main
load_bytecode 'Test/Builder.pbc'
.include "iglobals.pasm"
.include "sysinfo.pasm"
# Variable declarations, initializations
.local pmc test # the test harness object.
test = new [ 'Test'; 'Builder' ]
.local pmc todo_tests # keys indicate test file; values test number.
todo_tests = new 'Hash'
.local pmc skip_tests # keys indicate tests ID; values reasons.
skip_tests = new 'Hash'
.local string test_dir # the directory containing tests
test_dir = 't/op/'
.local pmc test_files # values are test file names to run.
test_files = new 'ResizablePMCArray'
# populate the list of test files
push test_files, 'sprintf_tests'
.local pmc file_iterator # iterate over list of files..
file_iterator = iter test_files
.local int test_number # the number of the test we're running
test_number = 0
# these vars are in the loops below
.local string test_line # one line of one test file, a single test
.local int ok # is this a passing test?
# for any given test:
.local string template # the sprintf template
.local string data # the data to format with the template
.local string expected # expected result of this test
.local string description # user-facing description of the test
.local int skip_it # skip this test on this platform?
.local string actual # actual result of the test
todo_tests = 'set_todo_info'()
skip_tests = 'set_skip_info'()
# how many tests to run?
unless file_iterator goto end_outer_loop
.local string test_name # file name of the current test file
test_name = shift file_iterator
.local string test_file # full name of the current test file
test_file = test_dir . test_name
.local int local_test_number # local test number in test file
local_test_number = 0
# Open the test file
.local pmc file_handle # currently open file
file_handle = new ['FileHandle']
file_handle.'open'(test_file, 'r')
unless file_handle goto bad_file
# loop over the file, one at a time.
# read in the file one line at a time...
$I0 = file_handle.'eof'()
if $I0 goto end_loop
test_line = file_handle.'readline'()
# skip lines without tabs, and comment lines
$I0 = index test_line, "\t"
if $I0 == -1 goto loop
$I0 = index test_line, '#'
if $I0 == 0 goto loop
inc test_number
inc local_test_number
push_eh eh_bad_line
( template, data, expected, description, skip_it ) = parse_data( test_line )
# prepend test filename and line number to description
description = 'build_test_desc'( description, template )
.local pmc data_hash
data_hash = new 'Hash'
data_hash["''"] = ''
data_hash['2**32-1'] = 0xffffffff
$N0 = data_hash['2**32-1']
inc $N0
data_hash['2**38'] = $N0
data_hash["'string'"] = 'string'
$I0 = exists data_hash[data]
unless $I0 goto got_data
data = data_hash[data]
# data = backslash_escape (data)
# expected = backslash_escape (expected)
# Should this test be skipped?
$S0 = description
$S0 .= ' (skipped on this platform)'
if skip_it goto must_skip
$I0 = exists skip_tests[test_name]
unless $I0 goto not_skip
$P0 = skip_tests[test_name]
$I0 = exists $P0[local_test_number]
unless $I0 goto not_skip
$S0 = $P0[local_test_number]
test.'skip'(1, $S0)
goto loop
push_eh eh_sprintf
actual = 'sprintf'(template, data)
unless_null actual, sprintf_ok
$P1 = new 'Exception'
$P1[0] = 'sprintf error'
throw $P1
if expected == actual goto is_ok
description .= ' actual: >'
description .= actual
description .= '<'
description .= ' expected: >'
description .= expected
description .= '<'
goto is_nok
# remove /'s
$S0 = substr expected, 0, 1
if $S0 != "/" goto eh_bad_line
expected = replace expected, 0, 1, ''
expected = replace expected, -1, 1, ''
$I0 = index $S1, expected
if $I0 == -1 goto is_nok
# goto is_ok
ok = 1
goto emit_test
ok = 0
$I0 = exists todo_tests[test_name]
unless $I0 goto not_todo
$P0 = todo_tests[test_name]
$I0 = exists $P0[local_test_number]
unless $I0 goto not_todo
goto loop
goto loop
goto outer_loop
print "Unable to open '"
print test_file
print "'\n"
.local pmc exception
.local string message
get_results '0', exception
message = exception
$I0 = index message, 'is not a valid sprintf format'
if $I0 == -1 goto other_error
$I0 = index expected, ' INVALID'
if $I0 == -1 goto bad_error
ok = 1
goto emit_test
ok = 0
goto emit_test
$S0 = "Test not formatted properly!"
test.'ok'(0, $S0)
goto loop
.sub 'sprintf'
.param pmc args :slurpy
$S0 = shift args
$S1 = sprintf $S0, args
.return ($S1)
# set todo information
.sub 'set_todo_info'
.local pmc todo_tests # keys indicate test file; values test number
todo_tests = new 'Hash'
.local pmc todo_info
todo_info = new 'Hash'
.local pmc jmpstack
jmpstack = new 'ResizableIntegerArray'
.local string test_file
local_branch jmpstack, reset_todo_info
test_file = 'sprintf_tests'
todo_info[64] = 'undecided perl5 vs. posix behavior'
todo_info[153] = '%hf should be rejected'
todo_info[187] = '%h alone is invalid'
todo_info[191] = '%l alone is invalid'
todo_info[223] = '%v alone is invalid, but a valid parrot extension'
todo_info[304] = 'undecided'
todo_info[305] = 'undecided'
todo_info[306] = 'undecided'
# end TODOs
todo_tests[test_file] = todo_info
.return (todo_tests)
todo_info = new 'Hash'
local_return jmpstack
if $I0 > $I1 goto end_loop
todo_info[$I0] = 1
$I0 += 1
goto set_todo_loop
local_return jmpstack
# set skip information
.sub 'set_skip_info'
.local pmc skip_tests # keys indicate test file; values test number
skip_tests = new 'Hash'
.local pmc skip_info
skip_info = new 'Hash'
.local pmc jmpstack
jmpstack = new 'ResizableIntegerArray'
.local string test_file
local_branch jmpstack, reset_skip_info
test_file = 'sprintf_tests'
skip_info[5] = 'parrot extension (%B)'
skip_info[7] = 'perl5-specific extension (%D)'
skip_info[9] = 'perl5-specific extension (%F)'
skip_info[16] = 'parrot extension (%H)'
skip_info[20] = 'parrot extension (%L)'
skip_info[23] = 'perl5-specific extension (%O)'
skip_info[24] = 'parrot extension (%P)'
skip_info[27] = 'parrot extension (%S)'
skip_info[29] = 'perl5-specific extension (%U)'
$S0 = 'perl5-specific extension (%v...)'
$I0 = 71
$I1 = 99
local_branch jmpstack, set_skip_loop
skip_info[114] = 'harness needs support for * modifier'
skip_info[144] = 'perl5 expression as test value'
skip_info[131] = 'harness needs support for * modifier'
skip_info[141] = 'harness needs support for * modifier'
skip_info[161] = 'harness needs support for * modifier'
skip_info[166] = 'harness needs support for * modifier'
skip_info[193] = 'perl5-specific test'
skip_info[200] = 'perl5-specific test'
skip_info[201] = 'perl5-specific test'
skip_info[202] = 'parrot extension (%p)'
skip_info[204] = 'parrot extension (%r)'
skip_info[210] = 'harness needs support for * modifier'
skip_info[214] = 'harness needs support for * modifier'
skip_info[233] = 'harness needs support for * modifier'
skip_info[234] = 'perl5-specific extension (%v...)'
skip_info[235] = 'perl5-specific extension (%v...)'
skip_info[300] = 'harness needs support for * modifier'
$S0 = 'perl5-specific test'
$I0 = 238
$I1 = 251
local_branch jmpstack, set_skip_loop
$S0 = 'perl5-specific extension (%v...)'
$I0 = 252
$I1 = 298
local_branch jmpstack, set_skip_loop
skip_info[307] = 'perl5-specific extension (%v...)'
skip_info[308] = 'perl5-specific extension (%v...)'
skip_tests[test_file] = skip_info
.return (skip_tests)
skip_info = new 'Hash'
local_return jmpstack
if $I0 > $I1 goto end_loop
if $S0 != '' goto set_skip_info
$S0 = 'unknown reason'
skip_info[$I0] = $S0
$I0 += 1
goto set_skip_loop
$S0 = ''
local_return jmpstack
.sub 'parse_data'
.param string record # the data record
.local string template # the sprintf template
.local string data # the data to format with the template
.local string expected # expected result of this test
.local string description # user-facing description of the test
.local int skip_it # skip this test on this platform
skip_it = 0
# NOTE: there can be multiple tabs between entries, so skip until
# we have something.
# remove the trailing newline from record
record = chomp(record)
$P1 = split "\t", record
$I0 = elements $P1 # length of array
.local int tab_number
tab_number = 0
if tab_number >= $I0 goto bad_line
template = $P1[tab_number]
inc tab_number
if template == '' goto get_template
if tab_number >= $I0 goto bad_line
data = $P1[tab_number]
inc tab_number
if data == '' goto get_data
expected = ''
if tab_number >= $I0 goto empty_expected
expected = $P1[tab_number]
inc tab_number
if expected == '' goto get_expected
## FIXME: description handling
if tab_number >= $I0 goto no_desc
description = $P1[tab_number]
inc tab_number
if description == '' goto get_description
( description, skip_it ) = find_skip_in_description( description )
# chop (description)
# substr description, -1, 1, ''
.return ( template, data, expected, description, skip_it )
description = ''
goto return
$P1 = new 'Exception'
$P1[0] = 'invalid data format'
throw $P1
.sub 'find_skip_in_description'
.param string description
.local pmc parts
parts = split ' skip: ', description
$I0 = parts
if $I0 > 1 goto check_os
.return( description, 0 )
description = shift parts
.local string skip_list
skip_list = shift parts
.local pmc skip_os
skip_os = split ' ', skip_list
.local pmc it
it = iter skip_os
load_bytecode 'config.pbc'
$P1 = _config()
.local string osname
osname = $P1['osname']
unless it goto iter_end
.local string os_name
os_name = shift it
eq os_name, osname, skip_it
goto iter_loop
.return( description, 0 )
.return( description, 1 )
.sub 'build_test_desc'
.param string desc
.param string testname
$S0 = '['
$S0 .= testname
$S0 .= '] '
desc = concat $S0, desc
.return (desc)
.sub 'chomp'
.param string str
$I0 = index str, "\r"
if $I0 < 0 goto L1
str = substr str, 0, $I0
$I1 = index str, "\n"
if $I1 < 0 goto L2
str = substr str, 0, $I1
.return (str)
# The following tests are not currently run, for the reasons stated:
=begin problematic
>%.0f< >1.5< >2< >Standard vague: no rounding rules<
>%.0f< >2.5< >2< >Standard vague: no rounding rules<
=end problematic
# Local Variables:
# mode: pir
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=pir:
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