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#! perl
# Copyright (C) 2012, Parrot Foundation.
=head1 NAME
examples/mime_base64/ - Conformant MIME::Base64 utf8 handling
% perl examples/mime_base64/
Compare conformant coreutils C<base64> and F<examples/mime_base64/>
against parrots.
See L<>
Note: Unicode stored as MIME::Base64 is inherently endian-dependent.
use strict;
use warnings;
use MIME::Base64 qw(encode_base64 decode_base64);
use Encode qw(encode);
my $encoded = encode_base64(encode("UTF-8", "\x{a2}"));
print "encode: utf-8:\"\\x{a2}\" - ", encode("UTF-8", "\x{a2}"), "\n";
print "expected: wqI=\n";
print "result: $encoded\n";
print "decode: ",decode_base64("wqI="),"\n\n"; # 302 242
my $encoded = encode_base64(encode("UTF-8", "\x{203e}"));
print "encode: utf-8:\"\\x{203e}\" -> ",encode("UTF-8", "\x{203e}"),"\n";
print "expected: 4oC+\n";
print "result: $encoded\n"; # 342 200 276
print "decode: ",decode_base64("4oC+"),"\n";
for ([qq(a2)],[qq(c2a2)],[qw(203e)],[qw(3e 20)],[qw(1000)],[qw(00c7)],[qw(00ff 0000)]){
$s = pack "H*",@{$_};
printf "0x%s\t=> %s", join("",@{$_}), encode_base64($s);
=head1 AUTHORS
ronaldxs, Reini Urban
=head1 SEE ALSO
# Local Variables:
# mode: cperl
# cperl-indent-level: 4
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4:
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