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# Copyright (C) 2006-2010, Parrot Foundation.
=head1 NAME
examples/io/httpd.pir - HTTP server
$ ./parrot examples/io/httpd.pir
A very tiny HTTP-Server. It currently only understands the GET method.
It's a nice way of testing pretty much all IO functions.
By default (and not yet configurable) it binds to localhost:1234.
=head2 Serving Parrot Docs
If no filename is given it serves the HTML documentation
in ./docs/html. Make sure you have built them with
$ make html
After that you can browse the documentation with
which redirects to
=head2 Serving Other HTML Files
If a html file is present in the request, this file will be served:
This will sent F<./index.html> from the directory, where F<httpd.pir>
was started.
=head2 CGI
If the file extension is C<.pir> or C<.pbc>, this file will be loaded
below the directory F<cgi-pir> and the function C<cgi_main> will be
invoked with the query as an argument.
This functions should return a plain string, which will be sent to the
F<cgi_main> is called with 3 arguments: a todo/reserved PMC, a string
with the original query and a Hash, with C<key=value> items split by
C<'+'>. C<key> and C<value> are already C<urldecoded>.
$ cat cgi-pir/foo.pir
.sub cgi_main
.param pmc reserved # TODO
.param string query # all after '?': "foo=1+bar=A"
.param pmc query_hash # Hash { foo=>'1', bar=>'A' }
.return ("<p>foo</p>") # in practice use a full <html>doc</html>
# unless serving XMLHttpRequest's
The browser request:
will serve, whatever the C<cgi_main> function returned.
=head1 TODO
make it work on W32/IE
Transcode the received string to ascii, in order to have access to an
implemented 'index' op. Or just use unicode instead.
=head1 SEE ALSO
=head1 AUTHOR
Original author is Markus Amsler - <>
The code was heavily hacked by bernhard and leo.
.const string CRLF = "\r\n"
.const string CRLFCRLF = "\r\n\r\n"
.const string LFLF = "\n\n"
.const string CRCR = "\r\r"
.const string SERVER_NAME = "Parrot-httpd/0.1"
.include "stat.pasm"
.include 'except_types.pasm'
.include 'socket.pasm'
.loadlib 'io_ops'
.loadlib 'sys_ops'
.sub main :main
.local pmc listener, work, fp
.local pmc fp # read requested files from disk
.local int port
.local pmc address
.local string host
.local string buf, req, rep, temp
.local string meth, url, file_content
.local int ret
.local int len, pos, occ1, occ2, dotdot
.local string doc_root
doc_root = "."
host = "localhost"
port = 1234
# TODO provide sys/socket constants
listener = new 'Socket'
unless listener goto ERR_NO_SOCKET
# Pack a sockaddr_in structure with IP and port
address = listener.'sockaddr'(host, port)
ret = listener.'bind'(address)
if ret == -1 goto ERR_bind
$S0 = port
print "Running webserver on port "
print $S0
print " of "
print host
print ".\n"
print "The Parrot documentation can now be accessed at http://"
print host
print ":"
print $S0
print "\n"
print "Be sure that the HTML docs have been generated with 'make html'.\n"
work = listener.'accept'()
req = ""
buf = work.'recv'()
# encoding I0, buf
# encodingname S1, I0
# print "\nret: "
# print ret
# print "\nencoding of buf: "
# print S1
# print "\nbuf:"
# print buf
# print "\nafter buf"
ret = length buf
if ret <= 0 goto SERVE_REQ
req = concat req, buf
index pos, req, CRLFCRLF
# print "\npos1:"
# print pos
if pos >= 0 goto SERVE_REQ
index pos, req, LFLF
# print "\npos2:"
# print pos
if pos >= 0 goto SERVE_REQ
index pos, req, CRCR
# print "\npos3:"
# print pos
if pos >= 0 goto SERVE_REQ
goto MORE
# print "Request:\n"
# print req
# print "*******\n"
.local string response
.local pmc headers
response = '500 Internal Server Error'
headers = new 'Hash'
headers['Server'] = SERVER_NAME
# parse
# GET the_file HTTP*
index occ1, req, " "
substr meth, req, 0, occ1
inc occ1
index occ2, req, " ", occ1
len = occ2 - occ1
substr url, req, occ1, len
if meth == "GET" goto SERVE_GET
print "unknown method:'"
print meth
print "'\n"
close work
goto NEXT
.local int is_cgi
(is_cgi, file_content, len) = check_cgi(url)
if is_cgi goto SERVE_blob
# decode the url
url = urldecode(url)
# Security: Don't allow access to the parent dir
index dotdot, url, ".."
if dotdot >= 0 goto SERVE_404
# redirect instead of serving index.html
if url == "/" goto SERVE_docroot
# Those little pics in the URL field or in tabs
if url == "/favicon.ico" goto SERVE_favicon
# try to serve a file
goto SERVE_file
# try to open the file in url
concat url, doc_root, url
.local pmc eh
eh = new 'ExceptionHandler'
set_addr eh, handle_404_exception
push_eh eh
fp = open url, 'rb'
unless fp goto SERVE_404
len = stat url, .STAT_FILESIZE
read file_content, fp, len
close fp
response = '200 OK'
send_response(work, response, headers, file_content)
# TODO provide a log method
print "served file '"
print url
print "'\n"
goto NEXT
response = '301 Moved Permanently'
headers['Location'] = '/docs/html/index.html'
file_content = "Please go to <a href='docs/html/index.html'>Parrot Documentation</a>."
send_response(work, response, headers, file_content)
print "Redirect to 'docs/html/index.html'\n"
goto NEXT
url = urldecode( '/docs/resources/favicon.ico')
goto SERVE_file
.local pmc ex
.get_results (ex)
say "Trapped file not found exception."
# fall through
response = '404 Not found'
file_content = response
send_response(work, response, headers, file_content)
print "File not found: '"
print url
print "'\n"
goto NEXT
print "Could not open socket.\n"
print "bind failed\n"
# fall through
close listener
# send_response(socket, response_code, headers, body)
# sends HTTP response to the socket and closes the socket afterwards.
.sub send_response
.param pmc sock
.param string code
.param pmc headers
.param string body
.local string rep, temp, headername
.local int len, ret
.local pmc headers_iter
rep = "HTTP/1.1 "
rep .= code
rep .= CRLF
rep .= "Connection: close"
rep .= CRLF
ret = exists headers['Content-Length']
len = length body
temp = to_string (len)
headers['Content-Length'] = temp
headers_iter = iter headers
headername = shift headers_iter
rep .= headername
rep .= ': '
temp = headers[headername]
rep .= temp
rep .= CRLF
if headers_iter goto HEADER_LOOP
rep .= CRLF
rep .= body
ret = sock.'send'(rep)
.sub to_string
.param pmc args :slurpy
.local string ret
ret = sprintf "%d", args
.return( ret )
# convert %xx to char
.sub urldecode
.param string in
.local string out, char_in, char_out
.local int c_out, pos_in, len
.local string hex
len = length in
pos_in = 0
out = ""
if pos_in >= len goto END
substr char_in, in, pos_in, 1
char_out = char_in
if char_in != "%" goto INC_IN
# OK this was a escape character, next two are hexadecimal
inc pos_in
substr hex, in, pos_in, 2
c_out = hex_to_int (hex)
chr char_out, c_out
inc pos_in
out = concat out, char_out
inc pos_in
goto START
.return( out )
.sub hex_to_int
.param pmc hex
.tailcall hex.'to_int'(16)
# if file is *.pir or *.pbc run it as CGI
.sub check_cgi
.param string url
$I0 = index url, ".pir"
if $I0 > 0 goto cgi_1
$I0 = index url, ".pbc"
if $I0 > 0 goto cgi_1
.return (0, '', 0)
# file.pir?foo=1+bar=2
$I0 = index url, '?'
if $I0 == -1 goto no_query
.local string file, query
.local pmc query_hash
file = substr url, 0, $I0
inc $I0
query = substr url, $I0
# TODO split into a hash, then decode parts
query_hash = make_query_hash(query)
query = urldecode(query)
goto have_query
file = url
query = ''
query_hash = new 'Hash'
# escape %
file = urldecode(file)
# Security: Don't allow access to the parent dir
.local int dotdot
index dotdot, file, ".."
if dotdot < 0 goto cgi_file
.return (0, '', 0)
print "CGI: '"
print file
print "' Q: '"
print query
print "'\n"
file = "cgi-pir/" . file
# TODO stat the file
load_bytecode file
.local string result
null $P0 # not yet
# TODO catch ex
result = 'cgi_main'($P0, query, query_hash)
$I0 = length result
.return (1, result, $I0)
# split query at '+', make hash from foo=bar items
.sub make_query_hash
.param string query # the unescapced one
.local pmc query_hash, items
.local string kv, k, v
query_hash = new 'Hash'
items = split '+', query
.local int i, n
i = 0
n = elements items
kv = items[i]
$I0 = index kv, "="
if $I0 == -1 goto no_val
k = substr kv, 0, $I0
inc $I0
v = substr kv, $I0
v = urldecode(v)
goto set_val
k = kv
v = 1
k = urldecode(k)
query_hash[k] = v
inc i
if i < n goto lp_items
.return (query_hash)
# Local Variables:
# mode: pir
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=pir:
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