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#! perl -T
# Copyright (C) 2012, Parrot Foundation.
use strict;
use warnings;
use lib qw( . lib ../lib ../../lib );
use Test::More;
use Parrot::Distribution ();
=head1 NAME
t/codingstd/case_sensitive_files.t - Checks for name conflicts on case-insensitive filesystems
# test all files
% prove t/codingstd/case_sensitive_files.t
Checks that there are no files in the distribution that would conflict
with other files on case-insensitive filesystems.
If we have a F<readme.pod> in the distro, and then we add a F<README.pod>
in the same directory, that's a problem. The creator F<README.pod>
might not notice, but this will cause problems for a Mac or Windows user
who checks out the repo or unpacks a tarball.
my @files = map { $_->path } Parrot::Distribution->new->get_all_files();
plan tests => scalar @files;
my %paths;
foreach my $path (@files) {
my $lc_path = lc $path;
if ( my $conflict = $paths{ $lc_path } ) {
fail( "$path conflicts with $conflict" );
else {
pass( "No conflict in: $path" );
$paths{ $lc_path } = $path;
# Local Variables:
# mode: cperl
# cperl-indent-level: 4
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4: