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t/manifest/README.pod - Readme file for the 't/manifest/' directory.


This directory holds files containing tests for the functionality used in tools/dev/, i.e., functionality in packages such as Parrot::Manifest, Parrot::Manifest::Files and Parrot::Manifest::Skip.

If you are revising any of this functionality, you should make those revisions on the basis of running the tests in this directory, writing new tests as needed.

Since the tests in this directory do not touch upon core Parrot functionality, it is not essential that they be included in the tests run by 'make test'.

There is one other MANIFEST-related test not found in this directory: t/distro/manifest.t. Since this test does sanity-checking of the MANIFEST, it should be run by 'make test' and, hence, has not been moved into this directory.


Copyright (C) 2001-2012, Parrot Foundation.