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# Copyright (C) 2001-2008, Parrot Foundation.
=head1 NAME
t/pmc/multisub.t - Multi Sub PMCs
% prove t/pmc/multisub.t
Tests the creation and invocation of Perl6 multi subs.
.sub main :main
.include 'test_more.pir'
plan( 8 )
$P0 = new ['MultiSub']
$I0 = defined $P0
ok($I0, "create PMC")
$I0 = elements $P0
is($I0, 0, "multisubs start empty")
$S0 = foo()
is($S0, "testing no arg", "no argument variant")
$S0 = foo("hello")
is($S0, "testing hello", "single string variant")
$S0 = foo(5)
is($S0, "testing 5", "single int variant")
$S0 = foo(42, "goodbye")
is($S0, "testing 42, goodbye", "int and string variant")
## Test handling of :flat parameters.
$P0 = new ['ResizablePMCArray']
push $P0, 42
push $P0, "goodbye"
$S0 = foo($P0 :flat)
is($S0, "testing 42, goodbye", "Int and String :flat")
## Now try double :flat
$P1 = new ['ResizablePMCArray']
push $P1, 42
$P2 = new ['ResizablePMCArray']
push $P2, "goodbye"
$S0 = foo($P1 :flat, $P2 :flat)
is($S0, "testing 42, goodbye", "Int and String double :flat")
.sub foo :multi()
.return ('testing no arg')
.sub foo :multi(string)
.param string bar
$S0 = "testing " . bar
.return ($S0)
.sub foo :multi(int)
.param int bar
$S1 = bar
$S0 = "testing " . $S1
.return ($S0)
.sub foo :multi(int, string)
.param int bar
.param string baz
$S1 = bar
$S0 = "testing " . $S1
$S0 .= ", "
$S0 .= baz
.return ($S0)
.sub foo :multi(Integer, String)
.param pmc bar
.param pmc baz
$S1 = bar
$S2 = baz
$S0 = "testing " . $S1
$S0 .= ", "
$S0 .= $S2
.return ($S0)
# Local Variables:
# mode: pir
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=pir:
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