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[cage] Update roles based on recent work, changed systems, etc.

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1 parent 00ac305 commit 22bf05b39e23d5371571d820017808401f604e30 @allisonrandal allisonrandal committed Mar 15, 2009
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@@ -28,64 +28,65 @@ Release Manager Bob Rogers
Metacommitter Allison Randal
Jerry Gay
Will Coleda
- Jesse Vincent
+ chromatic
+ Jeff Horwitz
Core Developer Jonathan Worthington
- Matt Diephouse
Bernhard Schmalhofer
Kevin Tew
Bob Rogers
Nuno Carvalho
- Chip Salzenberg
Allison Randal
Andrew Whitworth
+ Christoph Otto
+ Julian Albo
+ Mark Glines
-Compiler Developer Vishal Soni (BCG, IMCC)
- Patrick Michaud (PGE, PCT)
+Compiler Developer Patrick Michaud (PGE, PCT)
Allison Randal (TGE)
Klaas-Jan Stol (PIRC)
High Level Language Developer Patrick Michaud (Perl 6, NQP)
- Matt Diephouse (Tcl)
Will Coleda (Tcl)
Stephen Weeks (Cardinal (Ruby), Lolcode)
Francois Perrad (Lua, Pipp (PHP))
Bernhard Schmalhofer (Pipp (PHP), Eclectus (Scheme))
Kevin Tew (Cardinal (Ruby))
- Christoh Otto (Pipp (PHP))
-Build Manager Joshua Hoblitt
+ Christoph Otto (Pipp (PHP))
-Lead Tester Jerry Gay
-Platform Porter Allison Randal (Debian)
+Platform Porter Allison Randal (Debian, Ubuntu)
Aldo Calpini (PocketPC)
Francois Perrad (MinGW32)
Reini Urban (cygwin)
+ Will Coleda (MacPorts)
+ Jerry Gay (Windows)
Patch Monster chromatic
Jonathan Worthington
- Paul Cochrane
Jerry Gay
- Matt Diephouse
Will Coleda
James Keenan
+ Francois Perrad
+ Christoph Otto
+ Julian Albo
+ Mark Glines
Cage Cleaner James Keenan
- Paul Cochrane
- Mike Mattie
- Steve Peters
Jerry Gay
Andy Lester
+ Francois Perrad
+ Mark Glines
+ Bruce Gray
General Contributor See CREDITS

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