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@@ -38,28 +38,41 @@
-MinGW works with its GNU "make" (v 3.80) port and its name is 'mingw32-make.exe'.
+MinGW works with its GNU "make" (v 3.80) port and its name is
=item Command Shell
The surest way to build it is on Windows NT/2000/XP, using the cmd shell.
=item ICU
-Though Parrot comes with ICU, the build system is rather fragile, and
-will not work for most people. Currently, the best way to use ICU is
-to download the binary distribution from
-L<>, unpack
-it (say, into C:\usr\lib), add the bin directory to PATH, and tell
+Parrot no longer comes with its own ICU, thus you need to install it on your
+system if you want to use it. Note that ICU is now optional, you can
+build Parrot without it, by not installing it or asking Parrot to
+ignore it (C<--without-icu>).
+If you want to use ICU, download it from
+If you want to use precompiled binaries, do the following.
+Download the package matching your compiler, unpack it (say, into
+C:\usr\lib), add the F<bin> directory to C<PATH>, and tell to use it.
mkdir C:\usr\lib
- unzip -d C:\usr\lib
+ unzip -d C:\usr\lib
+ mkdir C:\usr\lib\data
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\usr\lib\icu\bin
cd <parrot directory>
- perl --icushared="C:\usr\lib\icu\lib\icudata.lib C:\usr\lib\icu\lib\icuuc.lib" --icuheaders="C:\usr\lib\icu\include"
+ perl --icushared="C:\usr\lib\icu\lib\icudata.lib C:\usr\lib\icu\lib\icuuc.lib" --icuheaders="C:\usr\lib\icu\include" --icudatadir="C:\usr\local\icu\data"
+With MinGW32, use
-With MinGW32, use .
+Note the step of creating the F<C:\usr\lib\data> directory, as Parrot
+really wants it and the binary packages don't contain it. It doesn't
+need to contain anything though, as the data is pulled in from
+F<lib/icudt.lib>, which contains the standard data in binary form.
=item Inno Setup
@@ -99,7 +112,7 @@ The HomePage is on L<>.
With the ActiveState Perl distribution, tell to use gcc :
- perl --cc=gcc --icushared="C:\usr\lib\icu\lib\icudata.lib C:\usr\lib\icu\lib\icuuc.lib" --icuheaders="C:\usr\lib\icu\include"
+ perl --cc=gcc --icushared="C:\usr\lib\icu\lib\icudata.lib C:\usr\lib\icu\lib\icuuc.lib" --icuheaders="C:\usr\lib\icu\include" --icudatadir="C:\usr\local\icu\data"
Nota: Use only the ICU binary distribution.
@@ -134,8 +147,17 @@ directories.
-See L<TODO.win32> for things that are known to broken, or are not
-implemented yet.
+=item Dynclasses
+Dynclasses are currently broken due to linkage.
+=item Features
+Threads, Events, and Signals are missing.
@@ -145,21 +167,21 @@ XXX
-=item XXX Your Name Here XXX
+=item Ron Blaschke E<lt>ron@rblasch.orgE<gt>
-This document is maintained by XXX Your Name Here XXX.
+This document is maintained by The Parrot Developers
=head1 SEE ALSO
- L<TODO.win32>
=head1 HISTORY
-This document borrows heavily from perl's README.win32.
+This document borrows heavily from Perl's README.win32.
-Last updated: 31 March 2005
+Last updated: 14 April 2005

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