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ChangeLog: add description for the pmc2c_orig2-gh1069 GSOC project #1

Document how to treat non-core dynpmc's. If they need to be changed or
how they can be optimized.
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2014-06-17 release 6.5.0
- Core
+ Re-add -DMEMORY_DEBUG support to the new GMS GC [GH #1073]
+ + Added 2 new PMC method attributes :manual_wb and :no_wb and
+ worked over all core PMCs for unneeded GC write barriers.
+ Thereby removed the vtable method calling overhead of _orig into a
+ wrapper with the mandatory write barrier. This was the first part
+ of Chirag's GSOC project. [GH #1069]
- Build
+ Fixed wrong ICU header probes on multi-arch systems (debian) [GH #1014]
+ Fix opengl on bsd which does not have __APPLE__ defined as 0 [GH #1070]
+ + pmc2c was extended to improve write barriers and deal with :manual_wb,
+ :no_wb and RETURN() in VTABLE methods. [GH #1069]
- Documentation
+ + Improved the docs for pmc and pmc2c [GH #1069]
- Tests
+ Fix t/op/gc.t for --gc=inf
- Community
+ + Our GSOC project succeeded in the first deliverable
+ + Non-core dynpmc's with multiple return paths in writer VTABLE methods will
+ need to be changed to use either :manual_wb or RETURN() as in PCCMETHODs,
+ and can now be optimized for unneeded GC write barriers.
2014-05-20 release 6.4.0
- Examples
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