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# Copyright (C) 2001-2010, Parrot Foundation.
=head1 Name
winxed.pod - Parrot winxed compiler driver
=head1 Description of binary winxed
Binary program winxed is part of Parrot. It parse command line options then
calls backend compiler and runs the generated program.
-=head1 Command line options
+=head1 Usage
+winxed [option] [program] [args]
+=head2 Command line otions
+'-c' : is used to compile to pir.
+'-e==s' : is used to evaluate.
+'-o==s' : is used to get Object name.
+'-target=s' : is used to set target type.
+'-L=s' : is used to add to parrot library search path.
+'-I=s' : is used to add to parrot include search path.
+'-X=s' : is used to add to parrot dyntex search path.
+'--debug' : is used to set debug mode.
+'--nowarn' : is used to hide warnings.
+'--noan' : is used to hide code annotations.
+'--help' : is used to show help for options.
+'--version' : is used to show the version of winxed and exit.
+This is the available option you can use.After them you can type the name of the
+program you want to be compile.
+=head1 Help
+For more help or any other question you go to L<> or
+L<>.Or you can send email to ''.
+You can also join Parrot IRC channel: #parrot.

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