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[docs] more trac, less RT.

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# $Id$
-All TODO items should be documented in RT. (
+All todo items should have a corresponding trac ticket. See the current list:
-A listing of all TODO items is available at:
-To add TODOs to this list (which is powered by RT), send an email to
+To open a new todo ticket, use
-Begin your subject with '[TODO]' so that the bug is automatically marked as a
-TODO ticket. For reasons of consistency, the encouraged format of the subject
-line is:
- '[TODO] <subsystem/component/topic> - <summary of task>'
+Note that we are still transitioning away from RT. To see what todos remain
+in our old tracking system, use:
-An example of this format would be:
- '[TODO] IMCC - remove globals'

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