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Mention the recommended way of creating patches, 'svn diff',
before explaining the alternatives.

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@@ -53,11 +53,21 @@ for whatever the distribution's parent directory is called on your machine.
+=item C<svn>
+If you are working with a checked out copy of parrot then please generate
+your patch with C<svn diff>.
+ cd parrot
+ svn status
+ svn diff > my_contribution.patch
=item Single C<diff>
-If the change you wish to make is small it will generally affect only one or
-two files, in which case supply a C<diff> for each file. The C<diff> should be
-created in F<parrot>.
+If you are working from a released distribution of Parrot
+and the change you wish to make affects only one or
+two files, then you can supply a C<diff> for each file.
+The C<diff> should be created in F<parrot>.
cd parrot
diff -u docs/submissions.pod docs/ > submissions.patch
@@ -76,14 +86,6 @@ should be created in F<workingdir>.
OS X users should also specify C<--exclude=.DS_Store>.
-=item C<svn>
-Patches for a single and multiple files can also be generated by svn.
-This is the recommended way.
- cd parrot
- svn diff > docs.patch
=item C<CREDITS>
Each and every patch is an important contribution to Parrot and it's important

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