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[codetest] correct format of C function doc =item

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1 parent b65a8ba commit 54d5026403ccdd965440eb8389972ab91d8c2b31 @plobsing plobsing committed Mar 3, 2011
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  1. +2 −2 src/embed/api.c
@@ -871,8 +871,8 @@ the size information will be included with the pointer for later use. If
C<size> is less than or equal to zero, it will be ignored and will not be
included in the PMC object.
-item C<Parrot_Int Parrot_api_unwrap_pointer(Parrot_PMC interp_pmc,
-Parrot_PMC pmc, ARGOUT(void ** ptr), ARGOUT(Parrot_Int * size))>
+=item C<Parrot_Int Parrot_api_unwrap_pointer(Parrot_PMC interp_pmc, Parrot_PMC
+pmc, void ** ptr, Parrot_Int * size)>
Return a pointer from a PMC. This is typically used in conjunction with
C<Parrot_api_wrap_pointer> to return the original wrapped pointer value from

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