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[docs] Updated Cygwin README (Reini Urban, RT #52870).

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@@ -53,9 +53,7 @@ by not installing it or asking Parrot to ignore it (C<--without-icu>).
rename libparrot.dll to cygparrot.dll, create an interim libparrot.dll.a
-for make test:
-blib/lib must be added to the PATH, or link blib/lib/libparrot.dll to the parrot root.
- ln blib/lib/libparrot.dll libparrot.dll
+fix the blib/lib PATH issue
=item DLL versioning
@@ -69,10 +67,6 @@ Either add the version to each loadlib call, and stem the version from
POSIX versions within get_path(), or add an optional version argument to
loadlib for win32. Or just fix all the pir's.
-=item Configure
-nmake detection probably wrong. replace by make.
=item Features
Threads, Events, and Signals are missing.
@@ -93,6 +87,6 @@ Threads, Events, and Signals are missing.
=head1 HISTORY
-Last updated: 2 March 2008
+Last updated: 13 April 2008

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