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Clarify the headerizer target in the help message

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1 parent da228ae commit 581af057d91291f15e57d68242ed186a73426d78 @petdance petdance committed Mar 28, 2012
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@@ -824,7 +824,7 @@ help :
@echo " bsdlint: Code checking with bsdlint."
@echo " sunlint: Code checking with Sun Studio's sunlint."
@echo " splint: Code checking with splint."
- @echo " headerizer: Recreate header files for C-source files"
+ @echo " headerizer: Rebuild function declarations in .h files and static declarations in .c files."
@echo " apilist: Show list of PARROT_API functions"
@echo " exportlist: Show list of PARROT_EXPORT functions"
@echo " malloclist: Show list of PARROT_MALLOC functions"

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