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Fix opcode_doc.t, and expand some docs for the old-style load_bytecode

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1 parent 0838d53 commit 5f99543078375b7020febbf5c821dfb4f2981566 @Whiteknight Whiteknight committed Jul 22, 2011
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@@ -79,10 +79,16 @@ Note: Do B<not> use this opcode. It is for internal use only.
=item B<load_bytecode>(in STR)
Load Parrot bytecode from file $1, and search the library path to locate the
+file. Automatically triggers :load functions if the file found is a .pbc. If
+it is a .pir or a .pasm, the file is compiled first and the :init subs are
+triggered instead. Nothing is returned.
-=item B<load_bytecode<(out PMC, in STR)
+=item B<load_bytecode>(out PMC, in STR)
+Load Parrot bytecode from file $2, searching the library path to locate the
+file. Returns a new PackfileView in $1. Does not perform any automatic
+initialization. Use the PackfileView PMC interface to introspect and perform
+actions on it.

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