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[Pipp] Use the default variant, PCT, for spec-testing.

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1 parent ee471b3 commit 6ccceddd93ea10aa58cbf062b29dc516627db97f @bschmalhofer bschmalhofer committed
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3 languages/pipp/docs/testing.pod
@@ -36,7 +36,8 @@ Something like this worked for me under Linux.
export PARROT_HOME=/home/bernhard/devel/Parrot/trunk
export TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE=$PARROT_HOME/languages/pipp/pipp
export TEST_PHP_CGI_EXECUTABLE=$PARROT_HOME/languages/pipp/pipp
- export PIPP_VARIANT=phc
+ # export PIPP_VARIANT=pct
+ # export PIPP_VARIANT=phc
# run the test-suite

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