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…ls/release/' script.
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@@ -454,9 +454,18 @@ Preview the new page, and submit it.
The old release announcement may be edited to uncheck I<Promoted to front page>
to keep the main page fresh.
-=head2 X. Update and any Relevant parrot-docsx Repositories
+=head2 X. Update and the Relevant parrot-docsx Repository
-Please read and follow the instructions in
+To update both the C<> and the relevant C<parrot-docsx> repositories,
+execute the following command:
+ perl tools/release/
+Please note: To review the available options, use the C<-h | --help> option.
+In addition, you may also want to review the pod with,
+C<perldoc tools/release/>.
+For more information about the update process, I<see>
=head2 XI. Publicity

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