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[docs] various updates to RESPONSIBLE_PARTIES, including removing HLL…

… devs since HLLs are externally hosted now

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1 parent 8ac9f56 commit 71fd3dbffdb7b65a80da9d91e3f2386f32a703a8 @cotto cotto committed Jul 21, 2009
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@@ -7,8 +7,7 @@ SVN commit access, just those who have a role they've taken responsibility
See docs/project/roles_responsibilities.pod for role definitions, and
- for more language
+ for language authors/maintainers.
Project Team
@@ -26,6 +25,7 @@ Release Manager Bob Rogers
Klaas-Jan Stol
Francois Perrad
Mark Glines
+ Christoph Otto
Metacommitter Allison Randal
Jerry Gay
@@ -54,16 +54,7 @@ Compiler Developer Patrick Michaud (PGE, PCT)
Allison Randal (TGE)
Klaas-Jan Stol (PIRC)
-High Level Language Developer Patrick Michaud (Perl 6, NQP)
- Will Coleda (Tcl)
- Stephen Weeks (Cardinal (Ruby), Lolcode)
- Francois Perrad (Lua, Pipp (PHP))
- Bernhard Schmalhofer (Pipp (PHP), Eclectus (Scheme))
- Kevin Tew (Cardinal (Ruby))
- Christoph Otto (Pipp (PHP))
Platform Porter Allison Randal (Debian, Ubuntu)
- Aldo Calpini (PocketPC)
Francois Perrad (MinGW32)
Reini Urban (cygwin)
Will Coleda (MacPorts)

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