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[docs] More updates after the packaging is finished.

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@@ -6,19 +6,17 @@ README.cygwin - Parrot under Cygwin
-Parrot builds out of the box under Cygwin after
-C<export PATH=`pwd`/blib/lib:$PATH>
+Parrot builds out of the box under Cygwin,
+when no other parrot is installed. See below at PROBLEMS.
There are official cygwin parrot packages available via
- parrot libparrot0 libparrot-devel parrot-perl6
+ parrot libparrot0 libparrot-devel parrot-perl6 parrot-languages
Some tweaks are needed for different names for the ffi to some dll's.
See L</loadlib DLL versioning>.
-parrot-languages was dropped with 0.9.0.
=head1 Packages
@@ -102,11 +100,10 @@ for cygwin, and as the name says it will never be :)
=head1 BUILD
- export PATH=`pwd`/blib/lib:$PATH
- make test # see PLATFORMS for known issues.
- make reallyinstall
+ make test
+ make install
@@ -190,6 +187,6 @@ Threads, Events, and Signals are missing.
=head1 HISTORY
-Last updated: 22 January 2009
+Last updated: 23 January 2009

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