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+# Copyright (C) 2007, The Perl Foundation.
# $Id$
-This is a partial list of the folks with SVN commit access and the areas
-they're directly responsible for. This does not list all the people with
-SVN commit access, just those who have an area they've taken responsibility
+This is a list of project roles, with a partial list of the folks who have
+taken responsibility for them. This does not list all the people with
+SVN commit access, just those who have a role they've taken responsibility
-High-level architecture Allison Randal
-Low-level arch Chip Salzenberg
-JIT x86 Leopold Toetsch
-JIT ppc Leopold Toetsch
-JIT (others) ? <volunteer?>
-Configure Joshua Hoblitt
-Garbage Collector ? <volunteer?>
-IMCC & PIR Leopold Toetsch, Vishal Soni
-Debian packaging Florian Ragwitz
-Test suite Jerry Gay
-Bytecode format and loader Jonathan Worthington
-See also docs/roles_responsibilities.pod for role definitions,
-and languages/LANGUAGES.STATUS.pod for language authors/maintainers.
+See docs/roles_responsibilities.pod for role definitions, and
+languages/LANGUAGES.STATUS.pod for more language authors/maintainers.
+Project Team
+Architect Allison Randal
+Pumpking Chip Salzenberg
+Release Manager Jerry Gay
+ Patrick Michaud
+ Matt Diephouse
+ Will Coleda
+ chromatic
+ Allison Randal
+Metacommitter Allison Randal
+ Chip Salzenberg
+ Jerry Gay
+ Jesse Vincent
+Core Developer Leopold Toetsch (incl. JIT x86, ppc)
+ Jonathan Worthington (bytecode format/loader)
+Compiler Developer Leopold Toetsch (IMCC)
+ Vishal Soni (BCG, IMCC)
+ Patrick Michaud (PGE)
+High Level Language Developer Patrick Michaud (Perl 6)
+ Matt Diephouse (Tcl)
+ Will Coleda (Tcl)
+Build Manager Joshua Hoblitt
+Lead Tester Jerry Gay
+Platform Porter Florian Ragwitz (Debian)

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