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Describe a possible MinGW/MSVC++ build issue in the Win32 build readm…

…e. Patch courtesy of David Woldrich <>.

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@@ -39,7 +39,14 @@ Note: Parrot will not build using nmake v1.5 from the MS web site. Download
one of the above toolkits to obtain a later version, either v7 or v8.
MinGW works with its GNU "make" (v 3.80) port and its name is
+'mingw32-make.exe'. If you also have the Minimal SYStem (MSYS) installed,
+you will need to remove the Msys/bin folder from your PATH environment
+variable before calling "perl" and mingw32-make. Perl detects
+and calls /bin/sh.exe, if found, whenever shelling a new process. sh.exe
+causes problems for mingw32-make.exe because of its inability to handle
+Windows pathnames with backslashes. You must run "perl" and
+mingw32-make from a dosbox; running those commands from an MSYS shell window
+will experience the same backslash path problems.
=item Command Shell

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