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update comment in parrot.h to be more accurate. In the future parrot.…

…h might not be required for extensions, but right now it is required because extend.h is so anemic
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1 parent 16871ba commit a95f8c1fdfa86d3312152b96055de9ae7efe51c6 @Whiteknight Whiteknight committed May 26, 2011
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* References:
-/* Only parrot core files should include this file.
- Extensions should include <parrot/extend.h>.
- Programs embedding parrot should include <parrot/embed.h>.
+ This file contains definitions for functions and data structures used by
+ Parrot. This file is currently included in almost all Parrot source files
+ and is typically required in add-in extensions. This file is *not* used
+ when embedding Parrot. For embedding, use <parrot/api.h>. For extensions,
+ you probably also need <parrot/extend.h> in addition to <parrot/parrot.h>.
+ In the future, <parrot/parrot.h> might not be required for extensions. For
+ now, it is required for most purposes because the extending API is not
+ stable or mature enough to be used without parrot.h.

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