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       - Added a new PROBLEMS section.
       - Removed parrot-languages.

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@@ -12,10 +12,12 @@ C<export PATH=`pwd`/blib/lib:$PATH>
There are official cygwin parrot packages available via
- parrot libparrot0 libparrot-devel parrot-perl6 parrot-languages
+ parrot libparrot0 libparrot-devel parrot-perl6
Some tweaks are needed for different names for the ffi to some dll's.
-See L</loadlib DLL versioning>
+See L</loadlib DLL versioning>.
+parrot-languages was dropped with 0.9.0.
=head1 Packages
@@ -46,13 +48,11 @@ Optional build requirements:
Optional perl packages for testing:
- L<Test::TAP::HTMLMatrix> if you want to run the language smoke tests
- with C<make languages-smoke>.
+ L<Test::TAP::HTMLMatrix> if you want to run the smoke tests
+ with C<make smoke>.
L<Test::Base> for some APL language tests.
- perl L<Moose> for smartlink
perl L<Test::Perl::Critic> and L<Perl::Critic>
=over 4
@@ -108,24 +108,60 @@ for cygwin, and as the name says it will never be :)
make test # see PLATFORMS for known issues.
make reallyinstall
-=head1 TODO
+=head1 PROBLEMS
-=item Makefile tuning
+=item perl fatal error - unable to remap Glob.dll
+Something like:
+ F<perl.exe>: *** fatal error - unable to remap
+ F<C:\cygwin\lib\perl5\5.10\i686-cygwin\auto\File\Glob\Glob.dll>
+ to same address as parent(C<0x860000>) != C<0x14D0000>
+This is a known cygwin problem with dll's, esp. perl on non-XP 32bit platforms.
+You need to install the C<rebase> package and run C<rebaseall> from an C<ash>
+=item Crash at miniparrot.exe config_lib.pasm
+Invoking Parrot to generate runtime/parrot/include/config.fpmc --cross your
+ F<./miniparrot.exe config_lib.pasm > runtime/parrot/include/config.fpmc>
+See below.
+=item Spurious stackdumps while building
-Rename libparrot.dll to cygparrot0_8_2.dll and create an interim
+Building with an already installed library fails. See RT#39742
- [perl #56998] [TODO] rename cygwin dll to cygparrot$MAJOR_$MINOR_$PATCH.dll
- [perl #56562] [PATCH] add cygwin importlib
+Be sure that there's no other libparrot.dll.a or libparrot.a
+in the linker libpath.
+F</usr/lib/libparrot.dll.a>, F</usr/local/lib/libparrot.dll.a>
+=item os hardlink test fail
+ t/pmc/os....................................
+ # Failed test 'hard link was really created'
+ # at t/pmc/os.t line 312.
+This is a known Windows limitation with NTFS junctions on files.
+=head1 TODO
=item loadlib DLL versioning
Use cyg*-1.1.dll naming conventions instead of lib*.so.1.1 names for
loadlib, the FFI.
-Thanks to the L<Windows DLL Hell> and the impossibility of
+Thanks to the C<Windows DLL Hell> and the impossibility of
file hardlinks, windows dll names are versioned, so the loadlib
function or the various pir's needs more logic.
@@ -154,6 +190,6 @@ Threads, Events, and Signals are missing.
=head1 HISTORY
-Last updated: 20 July 2008
+Last updated: 22 January 2009

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