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Add some notes about compiling with the MS toolkit.

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@@ -126,8 +126,18 @@ includes the full blown IDE, and Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
(but unsupported) package, containing only the basic compiler and
linker stuff.
-Only Microsoft Visual Studio is currently known to work. XXX Add
-Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit instructions here XXX
+If you use the Toolkit, be sure to follow the directions for setting up
+your build environment that come with the perl distributions. (README.win32
+in the latest perl distribution.) You may have to substitute "Microsoft
+Platform SDK" wherever "Microsoft SDK" is listed, depending on the your
+install. You can ignore the entries regarding "win32/", but be sure
+to create the "link.bat" batch file. Copy the missing files mentioned,
+run the Toolkit Command Prompt, set the appropriate env vars, and you
+should be fine. (For env vars, you can update them under My Computer->
+properties so they are available whenever you open a shell.)
+Note: It is possible to use ActiveState Perl with the Toolkit: you don't
+have to compile your own perl.
=item MinGW32 with GCC

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