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@@ -55,15 +55,6 @@ F<tools/dev/> is included with Parrot and attempts to read a profile
generated by the profiling runcore and produce a profile which
callgrind-compatible tools (e.g. F<kcachegrind>) can understand.
-=head3 Interpreting Post-processed Output
-note to self about what to cover:
- Use callgrind_annotate (include some known-good and useful invocations, plus examples)
- Use kcachegrind (results are likely to be buggy)
- Don't use wincachegrind (lovely tool, uses xdebug-flavored version of callgrind's format)
=head2 Bugs and Surprises
In theory the output of F<> should be compatible with F<kcachegrind>. In

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