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The Winxed compiler relies on being equivalent t…

…o StringHandle.readall(). This semantic was unique to StringHandle and is not carried over into the new system. As a temporary fix update the winxed compiler generated .pir code to use the correct method. All coretests (at least) pass
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commit dd76985ff44525db5714bd0314842d10c69a0d42 1 parent a08def9
Andrew Whitworth Whiteknight authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 ext/winxed/compiler.pir
4 ext/winxed/compiler.pir
@@ -25759,7 +25759,7 @@
goto __label_7
__label_6: # else
- $P5 = $P1.'read'(0)
+ $P5 = $P1.'readall'()
null $S1
if_null $P5, __label_8
set $S1, $P5
@@ -25811,7 +25811,7 @@
goto __label_4
__label_3: # else
- .tailcall $P1.'read'(0)
+ .tailcall $P1.'readall'()
__label_4: # endif
.end # __private_geninclude
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