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1 parent 5260e25 commit e144f6ac561958618c87470028c482b8cfce5921 @leto leto committed Jan 15, 2013
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@@ -858,6 +858,9 @@ E:
U: moritz
D: Test infrastructure for languages/perl6/ and Perl 6 in general
+N: mrshu
+D: Benchmarks
N: Nat Tuck
U: Chandon

5 comments on commit e144f6a

Parrot Virtual Machine member

@mrshu yes, we would love for you to put more info into CREDITS (like a full name, email, location, etc) if that suits you. I kept your information very succinct because some people prefer to not have their personal details listed and I wanted to respect that.

If you send in a patch in the next few hours, I can probably include it in 5.0.0 which will be released today :)

Parrot Virtual Machine member

@mrshu a pull request is great. Thanks!

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