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[GH #906] Fix windows/cygwin location of LIBPARROT_SHARED to bin

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Reini Urban
Reini Urban committed Jan 2, 2013
1 parent 808db67 commit f0a1f9c1cf14ea94a2fe2d24d0c47a85c0c13d6a
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@@ -1169,7 +1169,8 @@ $(LIBPARROT_SHARED) : $(O_FILES)
#IF(win32 and has_mt): if exist $@.manifest mt.exe -nologo -manifest $@.manifest -outputresource:$@;2
#IF(libparrot_shared_alias): ( cd @blib_dir@ ; ln -sf @libparrot_shared@ @libparrot_shared_alias@ )
#IF(libparrot_shared_alias): $(ADDGENERATED) "@blib_dir@/@libparrot_shared_alias@" "[main]" lib
- $(ADDGENERATED) "$@" "[main]" lib
+#IF(win32 or cygwin): $(ADDGENERATED) "$@" "[main]" bin
+#ELSE: $(ADDGENERATED) "$@" "[main]" lib
#IF(cygwin or (win32 and cc==gcc)): $(ADDGENERATED) "$(IMPORTLIB)" "[main]" lib
$(CP) tools/dev/ @blib_dir@/
$(CP) tools/dev/ @blib_dir@/

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