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Commits on Dec 26, 2015
  1. @jkeenan

    Restore tests run during 'make configure_tests'.

    jkeenan committed
    Remove t/steps/auto/labs-01.t.  It has been superseded by
    t/steps/auto/mathl-01.t.  Update MANIFEST.
    (cherry picked from commit 0112781)
Commits on Dec 14, 2015
  1. @rurban

    Release 7.11.0 "Amazonian parrotlet"

    rurban committed
    * Improve darwin and cygwin build, seperate installable libparrot.
      GH #1212, 1096
    * Honor --disable-rpath on darwin, skip -install_name then
    * Update default cygwin compiler and linker to gcc with 1.7
    * Add darwin and windows smokers (travis + appveyor), prev. linux only
    * use a smaller default target: core (most parrot_utils, not all)
      make all builds now all, including docs and installables
  2. @rurban

    [docs] add SMOKE paragraph at docs/tests.pod

    rurban committed
    for travis and appveyor.
    I cannot trigger appveyor (windows) smokes, because I still got no
    github permissions for parrot. Could the resigned admins please
    handover the perms?
  3. @rurban

    win32 build: more mingw->msvc adjustments

    rurban committed
    skip ranlib for static libparrot
    set .a to .lib
    add more required msvc libs to cmdline
  4. @rurban

    [build] fix NQP-RX syntax error

    rurban committed
    in the Makefile. only errors with nmake
  5. @rurban

    appveyor: more msvc flags

    rurban committed
    the smoker has a mingw perl, which we need to override manually
Commits on Dec 13, 2015
  1. @rurban
  2. @rurban

    appveyor: be verbose

    rurban committed
  3. @rurban

    appveyor: wrong path

    rurban committed
  4. @rurban

    appveyor: syntax error in subject

    rurban committed
  5. @rurban

    travis: osx installs into ~/perl5, skip smoke

    rurban committed
    do only test, no smolder uploading.
  6. @rurban

    fix apple clang --optimize

    rurban committed
    define __WORDSIZE there, which is missing
    darwin clang failed the PARROT_HAS_AMD64_GCC_CMPXCHG test
  7. @rurban

    travis: use brew cpanminus on osx

    rurban committed
  8. @rurban
  9. @rurban

    [build] honor --disable-rpath on darwin

    rurban committed
    skip -install_name then.
    also build only world (not installables) on test_prep.
    installables are still too racy.
  10. @rurban

    [build] improve installable binaries on darwin

    rurban committed
    need to seperate the 2 dylibs, but use the same name.
    this is racy, only use -j1 on darwin for make all or make install
Commits on Dec 12, 2015
  1. @rurban

    [build] darwin inst_libparrot_soname, cygwin gcc, all vs core

    rurban committed
    use a small default target: core.
    all builds now all, including docs and installables
    new seperate INSTALLABLELIBPARROT for darwin with
    inst_libparrot_soname => -install_name
    remake INSTALLABLELIBPARROT with this then.
    use faster coreutils helpers.
    seperate into some_utils for core, and parrot_utils for all.
    which makes only a difference on non-shared builds.
    on cygwin revert back to gcc, gcc-4 is not more.
  2. @rurban
Commits on Nov 20, 2015
  1. @Util

    Prepare for the 7.10.0 release.

    Util committed
Commits on Oct 20, 2015
  1. @rurban

    [config] add a cperldoc probe

    rurban committed
    in case perldoc was not found.
    Note that a perl5.6 perldoc will run properly until 5.18
    but will silently fail starting with 5.20.
    We could add a check for that also eventually.
  2. @rurban

    Update release_manager_guide

    rurban committed
    Move new ChangeLog skeleton down after the release.
    A release ChangeLog should look clean.
    Add link names to the github master links.
  3. @rurban

    Prepare new ChangeLog for 7.10

    rurban committed
  4. @rurban

    Supported Release 7.9.0 - "Sangihe hanging parrot"

    rurban committed
    - Core
        + StringBuilder.clone and ResizablePMCArray write barrier optimizations.
          1.14% faster, GH #1123
        + More StringBuilder optimizations with substr, set_pmc, push_pmc,
          i_concatenate, and do less overallocation. <1% faster. GH #1123
        + Support -D1 GC stats with --ccflags=-DMEMORY_DEBUG for --gc=ms
        + Added a Parrot_{un,}block_GC_move API for the 2 string compacting
          collectors ms and ms2
        + Deprecated ListChunk GC API and src/list.c GH #1179
        + Fixed a --gc=ms segv in Parrot_io_write_s GH #1196
        + const/ARGIN all read-only IO api arguments
        + Fixed --gc=inf string header allocation and failing tests
    - Build
        + --optimize: Replace -O2 from perl5 with -O3 on clang or gcc. GH #1185
          5% faster
        + Fixed make clean realclean and install which sometimes forgot pmc_default.h
          GH #1194, GH #1206
    - Tests
        + Use the faster travis docker infrastructure without sudo
Commits on Oct 19, 2015
  1. @rurban

    [config] unquote the make clean args

    rurban committed
    We use now /bin/rm for $(RM_F) in the Makefile
    which did not expand "$(INC_PMC_DIR)/pmc_*.h"
    and many more generated files.
    This led to leftovers, confusing make install.
    E.g. the file include/pmc/pmc_default.h was not removed, and so was not rebuilt,
    and so was not added to MANIFEST.generated, so t/distro/manifest_generated.t
    `make clean realclean` does now the same as
    `git clean -dxf`
    Fixes GH #1194 and GH #1206.
  2. @rurban

    [gc] Fixed --gc=inf string header allocation

    rurban committed
    add missing mark_str_header,
    do not use pre-buffer for string headers.
    clear the flags with allocate_string_header
  3. @rurban

    myconfig: add gc_type

    rurban committed
    and re-order it a bit.
  4. @rurban

    api.yaml: add deprecation notice for GH #1179

    rurban committed
    Deprecated ListChunk GC API and src/list.c
    Also update ChangeLog.
  5. @rurban

    [test] TODO fragile t/steps/auto/warnings-01.t

    rurban committed
    testing for -Wunreachable-code with --cage is fragile.
  6. @rurban
  7. @rurban
  8. @rurban

    [gc] Add Parrot_{un,}block_GC_move API #1197

    rurban committed
    and use it in the string_gc.c compaction code and the problem
    in #1196.
    run t/op/gc-non-recursive.t also with debugging, just with less loops
    to catch more gc errors.
    This does not work yet
  9. @rurban

    [gc] fix a MS segv in Parrot_io_write_s

    rurban committed
    When certain functions cause a GC, the local string buffers may get
    moved away, but local STRING* variables or worse, strings inside a
    StringHandle may still point to the old location.
    Lock the GC then for this section, mostly during IO writing to string handles,
    when the handle needs to realloc its buffer (the stringhandle).
    But reading into a buffer is also problematic. we really should know the
    size beforehand.
    One way to fix GH #1196, lock the GC sweep in those cases.
    The other variants would be:
    - lock the whole GC via Parrot_block_GC_mark
    - unset the PObj_is_movable flag in the STRING that it may not be moved,
      as it is still locally referenced.
    Remaining ms test failure: t/pmc/fixedstringarray.t
  10. @rurban

    [pmc] add missing fields to StringHandle.clone

    rurban committed
    read_offset, filename, read_buffer, write_buffer, record_separator
    also need to get cloned.
    Probably related to GH #1196
  11. @rurban
  12. @rurban
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