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Apr 15, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    Release 6.3.0 (supported release)

    No core or build changes since 6.2.0, just tests and benchmarks
  2. Reini Urban

    [test] add t/steps/auto/expect-01.t configure step test

  3. Reini Urban

    ChangeLog: minor addition benchmarks/


Apr 01, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    Merge branch 'socketipv6-gh1068'

    Fix confirmed by user
    ./parrot t/pmc/socket.t
    ok 1 - Instantiated a Socket PMC
    ok 2 - PMC has correct type
    ok 3 - can get_fd a Socket
    ok 4 - Socket read returns 0 when not connected
    ok 5 - Cloned a Socket PMC
    ok 6 - Cloned PMC has correct type TT#1820
    ok 7 - get_bool on closed Socket
    ok 8 - Closed a Socket
    ok 9 - A closed Socket returns False
    ok 10 - Socket is_closed returned 1 to new socket
    ok 11 - Created a TCP Socket
    ok 12 - Created a UDP Socket
    ok 13 - Socket getprotobyname(icmp) returned 1
    ok 14 - Socket getprotobyname(tcp) returned 6
    ok 15 - empty protocol name does not coredump
    ok 16 - non-existent protocol name does not coredump
    ok 17 - Server process started
    ok 18 - socket
    ok 19 - send
    ok 20 - recv
    ok 21 - send() big
    ok 22 - read(1024) chunked
    ok 23 - Exit status of server process
  2. Reini Urban

    ChangeLog: add GH #1068

  3. Reini Urban

    [test] skip IPv6 socket tests without IPv6, fixes #1068

    There are systems without INET6 family support at all. It is a kernel option afterall.
    Thanks to basiliscos for reporting

Mar 20, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    ChangeLog: 2 updates to Tests

  2. Reini Urban

    [test] skip t/codingstd/pod_syntax.t if Capture::Tiny is missing

    detected by my cygwin64 smoker, but this is a general problem
  3. Reini Urban

    [test] cannot test stat on cygwin64 GH #1066

  4. Reini Urban

    [test] fix rounding of benchmarks seconds

    some OS have no hires timings on benchmarks.
    thus not all floats are printed with a ., esp. on cygwin.
    GH #1066.
    "0 seconds. 4000 lops/sec"
  5. Reini Urban

    [test] t/dynoplibs/debug.t

    skip debug_break only on windows.
    test okay on darwin, cygwin, cygwin64 and linux.
  6. Reini Urban

    [test] remove failing and wrong cygwin test

    02-install_files.t assumed old cygwin 1.5 coreutils behaviour,
    skipping phony over phony.exe.
    This test fails on current cygwin and cygwin64 systems with:
    not ok 15 - Production, so 2 files created; 1 file passed over
       Failed test 'Production, so 2 files created; 1 file passed over'
       at t/tools/install/02-install_files.t line 230.
              got: '3'
         expected: '2'
    removed the wrong test.
  7. Reini Urban

    [codingstd] fix DESCRIPTION for dispatch.winxed

    t/codingstd/pod_description.t failed
  8. Reini Urban

    [test] fix prev. test on windows. need cmd /c for pipes

  9. Reini Urban

    [test] add testcase for openpip with Env GH #1065

    already works. Thanks to pmichaud

Mar 19, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    MANIFEST: add the 2 new examples/benchmarks/ files

  2. Reini Urban

    examples: add cleanup

    use only parrot without -O2 in examples for better comparison with older versions
  3. Reini Urban

    examples: prepare winxed pirs

     document internal src/pmc/resizablepmcarray.pmc functions
  4. Reini Urban

    examples: more benchmarks

  5. Reini Urban

    examples: add benchmarks/

    sample ../ script:
    make clean archclean
    perl --optimize=-O3
    make -j4 -s
    make -j4 test_prep
    time examples/benchmarks/
    master        	f8510c7: 0m44.284s
    rurban/6model 	9055a9e: 0m43.407s
    rurban/pmc2c_orig 	6cbf270: 0m43.767s
  6. Reini Urban

    examples: improve SYNOPSIS of bench_newp.pasm

  7. Reini Urban

    [test] --update-fingerprint for current native pbcs

    to avoid test todos
  8. Bruce Gray

    Tightened Changelog, since Crow stops processing on blank line.

  9. Bruce Gray

    Prepare for the 6.2.0 release.

  10. Bruce Gray

    Fix version number.


Mar 17, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [travis] allow_failures for codingstd_tests

    do not show them as red
  2. Paul Cochrane

    [tools] correcting `rm_f` command in ``

    When removing `.gcov` files, the configured `rm_f` command was used.  This
    unfortunately used an unexpanded `make` variable `$(PERL)` and thus was
    producing errors such as:
        sh: 1: PERL: not found
        sh: 1: -MExtUtils::Command: not found
    The fix was to use the configured perl value and the `ExtUtils::Command`
    option as would be used within a Makefile.  This change means that what the
    code intends to do (delete the `.gcov` file) actually happens and removes
    the error from `make cover` output.
    authored rurban committed

Mar 16, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [test] remove stale files from t/codingstd/pmc_docs.t

  2. James E Keenan

    Correct POD syntax errors in POD embedded in .c, .pmc, .pir, etc files.

  3. James E Keenan

    Fix pod syntax errors in files written in Perl 5.


Mar 12, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [examples] re-add threads/alloc_test.pir with docs

  2. Reini Urban

    Revert "Remove a useless threads example"

    This reverts commit 6864a66.
    threads/alloc_test.pir was used to disprove the rakudo threads
    leakage claim.

Mar 10, 2014

  1. Reini Urban

    [cage] remove redundant duplicate declarations

    seen with --cage
  2. Reini Urban

    [cage] change UNUSED(arg) to SHIM in the decl [GH #1052]

    UNUSED just adds code to please the compiler unused warnings, but we should
    really declare the args as such with SHIM()
    We need UNUSED only in .pmc declaration because we have no control over
    SHIM, the pmc2c compiler does it for us there.
    Also do not return unused values, rather cast to (void) and
    strip PARROT_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT attributes on them.
    UNUSED Exceptions: io vtable methods keep the 2nd handle arg. The C abi defines
    caller cleanup, so we could declare some of them with empty args, but for
    the sake of API sanity we accept at least 2 args.
    Headerizer does not grok #ifdef (yet), so we need to UNUSED some args.
  3. Reini Urban

    [test] skip wrong pod tests

    tools/dev/ and lib/IO/ contain invalid pod
    which fail with the stricter podchecker
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